That PM Dilemma, Renovating Your Mind’s Thoughts On How To Stop Eating At Night

man-night-raid-of refrigerator

Does that empty stomach keep you thinking of raiding the kitchen refrigerator? Is temptation building because you are up too late watching a movie? Did you eat your last meal too early?

First, you need to drink a large glass of cold water. You say your sick of that huh, then squeeze some juice of a fresh lemon or lime into the water. Another avenue is getting sparkling water and then adding the citrus splash you prefer into your liquid.

Kick yourself out of  soda prison which includes all those artificially sweetened stuff. All you are doing is setting yourself up for the kill. You constantly will seek sweetness aside from that diet soda. In addition, you are drinking all the nasty stuff like the phosphoric acids, artificial colors and leached particulate matter from either the metal can or the polystyrene plastic containers.


An amazing device is called SodaStream. It turns water into carbonated water easily. Cool appliance with the link below taking you to Amazon for more details and/or purchasing the product.

SodaStream Genesis Starter Kit, Black/Silver

Renovating Your Mind gives you these options:

Plan A:


Go to your bedroom to prevent eating. Get yourself to sleep. Within 6 hours after your last meal, the body starts breaking down both carbohydrate and fat stores. For example, if your dinner was at 6 pm, by midnight your body is utilizing stored material while your sleeping away. You are losing weight while your body refreshes itself for tomorrow.

If you can’t abide by Plan A for whatever the reason, we have an alternative for you.

Plan B-Healthy Food Snacks:

(only a handful up to 2 oz)

  • Popcorn (1/2 cup air-popped)
  • Pretzels
  • Apple Slices (medium)
  • Orange Slices (medium)
  • Mini Carrots (can exceed limit)
  • Cucumber Slices (can exceed limit)
  • Green Beans (can exceed limit)
  • Radishes (can exceed limit)
  • Celery sticks (can exceed limit)
  • Whole Wheat Crackers (Triscuits, low sodium) (up to 10 crackers)
  • Naan, or Pita Bread, Whole-Wheat (1/2 of a large or 1 medium size)

1. Foods listed above as can exceed limit are low in calories.

2. Best results when not eating at all after dinner.

3. Second best is not eating 2-3 hours before sleeping.

4. Drink as much fluid as possible starting upon arising.

water-of-life-aqua-its what-hydration-is-all-about

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