Premonition, Does It Make Any Rational Sense Why This May Be A Plausible Ability?


Karnak Was A Very Funny Fraud

Asking someone about premonition gets a response back of, “that’s ridiculous” because they are thinking in the normal realm. How can anyone predict the future?

What if I tell you that we are not predicting anything. We have information thrown back on us from what we perceive is a future to our present. Many times this information is intense because of the type of electromagnetic trauma that occurs during these events. The more intense the situation, the more the energy will bounce back to our present like a “Superball.” Remember those black balls by Wham-O?


Are You Talking To The Fist Palm?

According to physics, everything is held together with electromagnetic adhesion. What we think is solid, is not solid at all but almost all empty space. Let’s say you punch the door with your fist. Hit it hard enough and your hand will hurt. So to us that door is solid and so is your hand. Do you realize that on a sub-atomic level, particles of our hand go right through the door. In fact, on our end, door particles push right into our fist. Of course, we can’t see this from our perspective so in your mind that idea is totally ridiculous. But it is true, look it up. We have particles constantly coming off and on us, even from other people.

If ghosts exist, which Renovating Your Mind believes they do, their presence revolves around electromagnetic radiation. Our body is held together with electric forces. We continuously give off electric energy throughout our life and even sometimes after death. Example, is a phenomenal that’s called residual haunting. What happens is a traumatic event occurs at a certain time and place that results in death. The area of the situation has an electromagnetic signature stamped on that particular location. It may be triggered by a particular date or time but the scene will play out like a movie. It will play out the past in front of anyone who happens to be there in the present.

victorian-boy dress-ghost

Haunts Me This Kid Is A Boy

I had a technician who lived in an old Victorian home in New Jersey. Every so often, a little boy would appear dressed from another era in the open doorway to the kitchen.  He would smile, giggle and then disappear. It’s like a looped video recording that is imprinted in that part of the home. Who knows why or how but it is electromagnetic radiation. You can’t interact with it just like you cannot interact with a movie your watching on Netflix. We don’t know where the energy comes out of or where it goes once the loop stops playing for our viewing pleasure.


Back To The.F…Time Is A Perception

Our lives seems to go down a straight line, always on forward run. Since conception, time continues ticking into the future from the present till death do us part. We are on a continuous loop that goes from past to present to future. It seems that parts of the loop way ahead of us in future time loop back. We don’t understand why. Those packets of particles from the future that bounce back turn into our premonitions.

There was a meta analysis done 10/2012 in a research article from the Journal of Frontiers In Perception Science. They took the results of 26 studies published from 1978-2010. Subjects were hooked up to instrumentation observing pupil dilation, heart rate, brain activity, blood volume and blood oxygenation levels. The consolidated study showed significant results where individuals could predict what is going to happen on a computer screen before it actually happens on the screen. The images depicted were random and sometimes out of the ordinary. Subjects could significantly predict ahead of time anywhere from 2 sec up to 10 seconds before the event.


Group Tai Chi

Why does this occur? We can only postulate that we all have a sixth sense. When we are younger, there are a lot fewer distractions so we are able to perceive “things” a lot better. As we get older we need meditation, yoga, tai chi, and massage among other things to get us into a mental “child-like” state again. We relax and our perception changes to reflect our past younger state of mind. We may begin to see things that benefit us and those around us for the near future.

Start a dream diary and upon awakening write-up everything you remember from your sleep. Take a look at my article on Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and dream recall. Fascinating how a vitamin could help enable the brain to recall your dreams. I have enclosed a link:

Abracadaba And The Magic Of Vitamin B6

Larry Dossey who was a skeptic physician wrote a fascinating book called, The Power Of Premonitions: How Knowing The Future can Shape Our Lives. This information will blow your mind. It’s a great vacation read. Take a look at it on Amazon with this link:

I think every living thing is throwing off electromagnetic particles to the present and into the past. It seems that somehow particles from the future are being hurled back at us in the present. We just don’t fully understand time yet.


Lucid Vivid Dream Indicative Of Possible Futuristic Event

How do you distinguish a regular dream from a futuristic event? They are said to be more incredibly vivid than normal. Some subjects claim the visions were in asterisks. Other have similar dreams at the same time as their spouse, other family members or significant others. Many times the dreams are repetitive over many nights.

I am beyond excited on future premonition findings.  It makes perfect sense that what you reap you sow. When you extrude optimism and positive energy, great karma starts bouncing all around. Eventually, it will find you on the rebound. We need to keep throwing positive particles all over the place. Join the group that has some of the most positive particles out there which is The Happsters. If interested in joining, its free, click on the link below:

The Happsters Extrude Happiness! 🙂

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