Renovating Your Mind Goes On Discovery Of This Incredible “Super Crop” Called Quinoa


Quinoa Leaves

The grain, quinoa is pronounced Keen-wah. It’s actually not a grain but related to spinach and beets. Quinoa also has an edible green leaf that is consumed as a vegetable. About 6,000 years ago, the Incas were the first civilization to discover and grow quinoa. They were a very advanced tribe with respect to foods and Mother Earth. Their culture revolved around planting, tending and harvesting their crops. This ensured their survival and the survival of their offspring. The “grain” was said to give the Incas almost super power stamina.

Quinoa is called a “Super Crop” by the United Nations because it contains all the essential amino acids. This organization declared 2013 as the “International Year of Quinoa.” The only other complete protein products besides quinoa in the plant kingdom are hemp and also chia seeds. We know the kind of trouble you can get yourself into for having hemp around the house. Chia has been picking up popularity lately with dieters. A cool advantage of chia seeds is that it swells in the stomach. This causes you to feel fuller longer, decreasing the amount of calories you consume at that meal. It had been the rage decades ago as the fad, Chia Pets. Renovating Your Mind wrote an insane article about Chia seeds that’s linked below:

Chia Seeds Caused Those Hilarious Hairy Pottery Plants 🙂

The only other products that contain all nine essential amino acids are meat, fish, dairy and eggs. They also contain what chia, hemp and quinoa don’t, cholesterol and lots of saturated fats. Remember that saturated fats increase cholesterol levels in the body.

Vegetarians mix together either grains with beans or grains with nuts to get a complete protein. Both together complement the other for what is lacking of the essential amino acids that is necessary to make protein.


Inca Tribe Homestead

The Incas were very smart because they could subsist on quinoa as their primary source of protein. They rarely consumed meat. Their animals like llamas and alpacas were used for wool and to carry goods. On special occasions, they would sacrifice one of these beasts for a feast. The poor would consume roasted guinea pig for their special days.


Con Artist Quistador  Frankie “Bad Boy” Pizarro Set The Scene

In the 1500’s, the Spanish came to South America to attack the Incas and take over their land. What Conquistador Frankie Boy Pizarro did was destroy their primary source of protein, the quinoa crop. Conquistadors, as you can tell, were not nice guys. Not only did Conquistador Pizarro defeat the Incas but the quinoa crop disappeared for over 450 years. In the 1980’s, health food stores out in the western part of the U.S. started selling quinoa. It was actually rediscovered in the 1950’s with a research paper detailing the plants availability of all essential amino acids. Quinoa has now gone mainstream appearing in markets throughout the country.


Bitter Outer Coat

After quinoa is harvested, the outer coating must be removed before sold to the consumer. This coating has a chemical called saponins which has a very bitter taste. These chemicals are a natural pesticide to prevent both insects and birds from consuming the plants.

Quinoa is cooked exactly the same way as rice. It can be used in soups, cold salads, as a pasta and used in place of oatmeal for a warm cereal in the morning. Those with a gluten intolerance shouldn’t have a problem with eating quinoa. Quinoa is very popular with the Jewish culture because many families substitute it for the forbidden leavened grains. Those grains are taboo during Passover holiday.


Best Of Buds Together In A Rice Cooker

I just followed the simple package directions and use 2 cups of organic chicken stock with 1 cup of whole grain organic quinoa. Place in a rice cooker or a pan on the stove and it’s ready for your meal in a fast 15 minutes. When cooking is completed, you will see a white spiral thread wrapped around the top of each grain. This is normal, but I never saw anything like that before when cooking a grain. Quinoa has a nutty taste. The mouth feel is both tender and chewy.

Quinoa is one of my food discoveries over the last 10 years. I think it’s far superior to brown rice in taste.


Rice You Are Off My Menu For Now!

Given the arsenic problem with rice, it makes the seed even more valuable in your dietary lifestyle. I love quinoa!


Cooked Quinoa’s Aroma Is Amazingly Earthy

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