Biotin, The Least Talked About B-Complex Vitamin Is So Quiet. Renovating Your Mind Exposes B7!


Stop Leading People On With False Hopes

B7 is a such a timid member of the B-Complex family. B7 and Biotin are synonymous with what is known as Vitamin H, especially in Germany. Why H, Haar and Haut in German translate to mean hair and skin. Many external moisturizers and nail products contain biotin. Only deficiencies of this vitamin may cause skin rash and brittle nails. B5 is also found in hair products. Again, only a deficiency in B7 causes eyebrow, eyelash and hair loss. If the patient is not deficient in biotin, studies show that this vitamin will not regrow hair or improve nail structure/skin.

Severe deficiencies require high doses of biotin supplementation and include also taking other members of the B-Complex family . Consult with your nutritionally oriented healthcare professional for help if you suspect this type of problem.

Biotin is a very important nutrient in the breakdown of carbohydrate, protein and fat for the production of energy. This energy production from foods is  a common theme that includes the other seven members of B-Complex.


Incredible, Edible EGG is Quality Protein

An interesting thing about biotin is that if your diet includes raw eggs you may encourage a biotin deficiency. Biotin is contained in high amounts within the egg yolk. Avidin is a protein in the egg white. Avidin binds to biotin therefore biotin is unavailable for absorption into the body. The theory is that in a chicken, infectious bacteria require biotin to grow and multiply. So biotin would cause the infection to spread. Avidin binds to biotin preventing the bacteria from utilizing the nutrient. If we cook the egg, the structure of avidin changes and it no longer binds to biotin. Renovating Your Mind recommends cooking your eggs. This way you not only absorb biotin, but you prevent chances of bacterial contamination that may have infected the eggs from the farm.

Research has found some fascinating information regarding biotin and the diabetic patient. B5 may help to normalize the flux in sugar levels lowering fasting blood glucose by up to 50%. They found this true in patients with non-insulin dependent diabetes. Scientists theorize that biotin may enable glucose to be used more efficiently when regulating fat. In another study, B5 was shown to lower triglycerides. Triglycerides are three (tri) fats linked up to a sugar backbone so it looks like an E. Both of these studies show biotin working hand in hand with sugar for improved fat processes in the body. Fat is an integral part of our human systems. We utilize fat components for coating our cells, producing hormones and for natural steroid (cortisol) formation.

Biotin also plays a role in easing the symptoms of neuropathy. It may reduce the tingling felt in this condition. Neuropathy is a common in diabetic patients. High amounts of sugar penetrate the nerves and create havoc with nerve transmission. Patients may sense abnormal feelings of cold, hot or pins/needles sensations coursing through different areas of the body. Biotin supplementation has been shown to reduce these abnormal sensations.


Biotin Availability In Foods

Biotin is also produced by bacteria in our gut to a smaller extent than from the diet.

Foods high in the nutrient are egg yolk, organ meats, beans, nuts, wheat germ, oatmeal, whole grain products, cauliflower, mushrooms, chocolate, soy, fish, oysters, meat, poultry, dairy products, and bananas.

The most important thing to remember about B7-Biotin and that magical marketing abilities of “The Man” is that Biotin:


Will Not Turn This Cue Ball


Into This Miracle-Grow Jungle

You are only wasting your time if you think otherwise. Grab a dozen eggs, hard boil them and make a salad. There you go with your natural biotin supplement. Otherwise, purchase Photoshop and make some hair for yourself on-line. 🙂

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