The Bombardment Of Protein In Marketable Products Has Reached A Point Of Insanity. Renovating Your Mind Gives You The Down And Dirty.

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Bigger The Container More Massive The Muscle Growth

Walk into the gym and the staff is all ready to blend you up a nice protein shake. Your choice of fruit flavors with the perfect mix of essential amino acids. Aren’t you here to build up those muscles?


“Your Protein” Is Behind The Counter In Unmarked Containers, But It’s Expensive

Hey, you want to lose weight, don’t you? If you increase your protein intake it will keep you feeling fuller longer, right? Protein shakes all taste so delicious. It’s good for you. How can you say no. It all makes sense, doesn’t it? Non-sense!

Supermarkets throughout the country are selling both solid and liquid products whose manufacturers proclaim “PROTEIN” as the be all and end all for the new diet of Americans.


Gorgeous Packaging But Contained Inside Is An Expensive Farce

How can anyone resist those protein energy bars, liquid protein refrigerated drinks, high-protein cereals and powders with super amino acids for making incredible high protein smoothies. Aren’t they so low in fat and carbohydrates that you shouldn’t worry about accumulating any extra weight. Really?


This Clown Has Low Protein Compared To Don’s Menu Of Fats And Carbohydrates

As a society, we eat too much food. In that overabundance of calories, is an exceeding high amount of protein. So if some protein is good for you than more protein must be better. These high protein products are lovingly engineered by no other than “The Man”. The industrial food circus dominated by clowns called Kraft, Nabisco, PepsiCo, General Mills, Dole and Nestle. “The Man” will do anything it can to get your attention and grab your cash. In this case, it’s an enormous marketing ploy with resulting high profits. Manufacturers are all screaming for your attention with pretty packaging, advertisements and coupons. That is until “protein” is no longer a buzzword and some other pretty poison takes its place. Renovating Your Mind says, “save your money!”


They Do Look Like Beans

We have two kidneys that are primarily filtering machines composed of units called nephrons. Each kidney has about one million of these tiny nephrons.  They rid the body of  excess water/nutrients and other waste materials for later processing by your local water company.

Protein is composed of amino acids just as words are made up of letters. Amino acids cannot be stored in the body. Whatever is not utilized within 24 hours must broken down into carbon and nitrogen. The carbon portion gets stored as fat. What is left is nitrogen which is toxic. The kidneys must rid the body of this nitrogen through the urine. The kidneys aren’t happy about this overindulgence of protein remnants they need to deal with every day. Nitrogen in large amounts, will slowly damage the nephrons. Excess nitrogen causes up to 50% kidney destruction in about seven decades for a healthy person. Take off up to three of those decades if that individual has long-term diabetes and hypertension. These diseases increase the chances for kidney destruction with progression to dialysis and death.

In addition, excess amino acids in the diet increase the amount of acid which must be excreted by the kidneys. This can predispose the individual to the formation of kidney stones.


Highest Quality Protein Of This Group Are The Eggs

An adult needs 0.8 grams of protein per kg. of body weight per day. To change body weight from pounds to kg, divide your weight by 2.2 and that will be your weight into kg. Next multiply that number by 0.8 grams and the total is the number of grams of protein your body needs every 24 hours.

For example, if I weighted 150 lbs, I would divide 150 lbs by 2.2 to find my weight in kg. Then multiple my kg. weight by 0.8 grams to get my needed grams of protein per day:

150/2.2 =68 kg multiplied by 0.8 grams/kg. = 54 grams of protein per day for a normal adult

  • Too much of a good thing like protein, becomes a bad thing.
  • Excess protein causes an acceleration of kidney damage because of toxic nitrogen.
  • High loads of acid production from high protein intake increases risk for kidney stones.
  • An abundance of protein in the diet, at least the carbon portion, is stored as fat just exactly like excess dietary carbohydrates and fats.
  • Athletes require more protein, but only if hardcore workout fiends. For example, long distance runners, heavy-duty weightlifters, and extreme survivalists, etc. would need significantly more protein.
  • Carbohydrates are needed in the diet to spare protein. The carbohydrates act as the source of energy while the precious proteins are used to build, tone and maintain the muscle.

Stay as far away as possible from “The Man” products and purchase more non-processed foods. It will save you a ton of hard-earned cash. In addition, food manufacturers may eventually figure out that the smarter consumer would like something healthier. Especially if we stop purchasing their protein products and sales drop right off the cliff.

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