Sea Salt, Does It Make Any Impact On Your Health Compared To Regular Salt?

Sea salt and regular salt have the same basic ingredient called sodium chloride. Stay away from them at a singles event. Separately, they can and will kill you. Plain sodium is very corrosive and can easily explode. Plain chlorine is a toxic gas that will react instantly with your lungs causing death. Crystallized together into table salt, they make a uniquely seasoned couple that heighten the taste of foods. When salt is absorbed by the body into the bloodstream,they breakup and become what’s known as electrolytes. Here, sodium and chloride can safely separate (become –lytes or separate entities) and then carry an electrical charge (electro-). Floating in our bloodstream, they are responsible for allowing the energy from foods and liquids to be transformed into the energy of movement.

Aside from the sodium chloride, sea salt and regular table salt can have substantial differences.

On one side is regular table salt, mined from salt deposits in the ground. It is then bleached to a uniform white color. Salt is also ground down to the fine particle size we see in our salt shakers. Manufacturers then add iodine to prevent goiter. Goiter is the body’s way of telling us that the thyroid gland is not getting enough iodine to produce thyroid. In addition, silicon is also added to salt to prevent anti-caking. Otherwise salt granules would stick together and never pour freely out of the dispenser.

On the other side is sea salt which looks, smells and sometimes tastes much different from regular salt. Many years ago, a large percentage of our salt supply came from seawater. Unlike table salt, sea salt requires little or no processing. Workers divert part of the seawater into a drying area. There, it continues to lose water and eventually crystallizes into salt particles.


Iron And Volcanic Remnants

Color of the salt sometimes resembles that of the captured area. In Hawaii, the periphery of the islands are surrounded with red colored soils and sands.


Large Black Crystals Lava And Charcoal

The size of the sea salt crystal is larger than that of regular salt particle. You usually experience a different mouth feel with sea salt. Some sea salt is crushed into smaller granules but never as small as table salt.


Smoked Sea Salt Gives Off Amazing Odors And Tastes

The smell of the salt comes from both the ingredients in the water and also the land where the salt was dried into crystals. It also can be smoked with many types of different woods and spices. There are hundreds of various types of smoked sea salts.

An article entitled, Are You Worth Your Weight In Salt, may interest you in learning more about salt. It was originally written in this blog, Renovating Your Mind.

The advantages of sea salt are no added contaminants. The various flavors and aromas add so much depth mingled with foods. You will find the sea salts at more affordable prices at cooking/kitchen supply outlet store and also on-line.  Colors of the salts are spectacular and can add visual beauty to your menu. In addition, minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium are present naturally in these salts from the sea.

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