Renovating Your Mind With Fluoride In Our Water, Protection Or A Threat To Health


Fluoride Can Be Pretty If It’s Not Swallowed

In 1945, the United States started fluoridation of our water supply. This process was began after studies showed certain areas of the country with higher levels of natural fluoride had lower incidence of dental caries.

Fluoridation of water was noted as one of the top ten public health achievements of the twenty century.


How Many Public Waterworks Employees Drink Municipal Water?

Most fluoride added to the water is purchased from fertilizer corporations. These industries have leftover contaminant residue that contain both fluoride and arsenic. This liquid waste product is illegal for industry to dump into local water supplies because its toxic. These corporations have contracts for selling this fluoride residue to water purification plants. Think about this: the fertilizer industry is fined by the U.S. government if it dumps fluoride residue because its toxic to the environment. That same U.S. government allows that toxic residue to be sold to water companies. And communities are paying a hefty price for this chemical concoction.


Amounts Of Fluoridation In Parts Per Million (ppm) 1 ppm=1 mg fluoride

There are now about 70% of the communities throughout the U.S. that fluoridate their public water supply.

Fluoridation is a prescription drug being forced down the throats of individuals that drink municipal water. The poor in the U.S., are least likely to afford bottled spring water and home water filtration systems. Lower income individuals have the greatest risk of fluoride toxicity from municipal water.

Brita and similar inexpensive charcoal carafe filtering systems do not take out the fluoride.


Excess Fluoride Creates Unsightly Enamels Called Fluorosis

There is a serious problem throughout United States with fluoride overdose. This is showing up as a condition called dental fluorosis. Forty-one percent of 12-15 year old adolescents have this condition. In 1950, that number was only about 10% in this age group. Teeth become stained at first and then start to erode and crumble away. Too much fluoride actually creates holes in the tooth called hypomineralization (abnormally low minerals). And what we see is just the tip of the iceberg. Chronic medical problems like thyroid disease, bone fragility, arthritis, glucose intolerance and gastrointestinal distress have all been linked to excessive fluoride exposure.

The U.S. government is making everyone take the same dose. If you are a fetus, an infant, a child, adolescent, teenager or an adult, you still get the same dose. A fetus gets it from the mother. An infant gets it from formula or water. Children and adults learn to consume sufficient water for proper hydration. This could mean 6 glasses of water or more per day. For athletes, it could be 10 glass of water or more during their events. Food manufacturers use fluoridated water to make canned soups, pre-made drinks and sodas. In addition, our teeth are usually treated regularly with fluoride at the dentist. We brush out teeth 2-4 times a day with fluoride toothpaste. We gargle with fluoride dental rinse. Our consumption of teas has increased which is high in fluoride. The fluoride in tea is actually higher than what is dumped into our water. Tea is a good part of the total fluoride consumption equation.

Times have drastically changed since 1945. Fluoride does not have to be ingested to work to protect tooth enamel. We are getting so much fluoride not only from dental products but the ingestion of all the convenience and fast foods. When a doctor writes a prescription medication, she considers the weight, age, sex and other specific characteristics of the patient that will take the medication. Then the person can ultimately decide whether or not to get the prescription filled at the pharmacy. In the case of water fluoridation, you are forced into taking a medication that’s dosed the same for everyone. In 2013, it’s no longer worth the risk to swallow a medication that you don’t need as an essential nutrient. Every community should be able to vote whether or not to keep fluoride in the public waterworks.


And Arsenic And…

Countries that don’t fluoridate their water saw a significant decrease of dental caries over the last 40 years.

Pediatrician’s View On Forced Fluoridation In Our Water Supply

Renovating Your Mind says, “thumbs down on tainting our water with fluoride.”

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