A Weight Loss Idea On The Edge…Part Two

Do the FIDGET!!!

Burn anywhere from 600 plus calories a day.


Tap, Tap, Tap

Start tapping your fingers, moving your thighs, contracting your butt, banging the soles of your feet down on the floor and whatever else you can think of to keep your body moving.

If you start annoying the hell out of people at work, you’re doing a good job. You will set off a caloric catapult between associates as one tries to outdo the other.

Tell your boss to start an incentive program at work called, “Keep It Moving!” It works on the same principle as eating garlic. You can’t do it alone.  Everyone around you needs to “Eat the Stink” with you. When people become annoyed with “Keep It Moving” program then it becomes a moot point. Employees that don’t want to compete will go crazy after a while with all the noise and fidgeting.


They Just Forget To Move…

It won’t take them long to resign their sloth behavior and join the party.

“Keep It Moving” starts with pedometers handed out to all participants. Teams are put together that are competing for prizes based on who gets the highest pedometer numbers. Top three pedometer readings are winners for a prize. Prizes get larger depending on the duration of the contest. You have small weekly prizes then larger monthly bonuses and finally a yearly grand prize.  Winners are awarded gift certificates, day off with pay, a nice massage, mystery gifts or a video entertainment system.

For those sitting behind a desk, get an exercise ball.  Use it in place of a desk chair. You can move those buttocks up and down and then all the way around. Make sure that pedometer is on tight as you ride that ball. Some stores sell an exercise ball with a seat. This way, you have even less of a chance of falling out of the saddle in comparison to a regular exercise ball.

Other ways to burn more calories at work

1. Bring dumbbells to work.

2. Walk during your lunch or break.

3. Get a hand gyroscope, also called a power gyroscope.

4. Park far from the office.

5. Keep drinking water. Full bladder forces you to the bathroom.

6. Do an alternate bathroom, if it forces you to use the stairs.

are you fidgeting

You Better Be!!

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