Bananas Are Radioactive. Can They Get A Geiger Counter Excited? ;-)

No. Radiation from a banana is so low, that the clicks you hear from a Geiger Counter won’t increase in number when placed near the fruit.

Our entire planet is radioactive. Humans have made it even more so adding electromagnetic radiation like power lines, cell phones and their towers, radio and  TV communications, appliances, satellites (G.P.S., weather, spying, etc.) computers and cable TV. In addition, rocks and soil contain radiation that ultimately ends up in whatever is grown in the dirt.


Truckload Of Bananas Could Trigger A False Alarm Through A Roadway Radiation Detecting Portal-Seriously

Produce especially potatoes and also nuts, seeds and beans all contain radioactive potassium 40. The more potassium, the more radioactivity in the food. The nut with the highest radioactivity is my boy, the Brazil nut. The seed with the highest radioactivity is the sunflower. The Brazil nut is great because of its high amount of selenium. The sunflower seed with incredible nutrient components offering vitamin E, some of the B group and a lot of great minerals (like magnesium).

B.E.D. stands for Banana Equivalent Dose. This is the radiation you will receive from eating one banana. Putting this radioactive bullshit in perspective, if you don’t sleep alone, then your partner is emitting only 1/2 of the radiation dose of one banana. Looking at it the other way, sleeping with the same partner for two nights, gives you what a banana gives you, with respect to a radioactive dose :-). Its called a Sv (sievert).

sleeping next to

Get A Room-Radiation Dose 0.00005 Sv

eatinga banana

Inhaling Banana-Radiation Dose 0.0001 Sv

If you take a plane from east to the west coast, chalk up .00040 to your radioactive load. We are bathed by a sea of radiation. We accumulate Sv through dental x-rays, driving close to a nuclear power plants (they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere), going to Colorado to see Grand Canyon (much higher background radiation because of the rocks) and the background radiation in our area which we experience every single day.

Extremely low radioactivity in the banana doesn’t prevent it from being an amazing fruit. One of most portable and popular fruits in the world. It has over 400 mg of potassium per piece. The banana helps in lowering your blood pressure, because it neutralizes the blood pressure raising effects of sodium. It also reduces the risk of stroke.

Besides potassium, bananas also contain precious nutrients like vitamin C, fiber and a quad grouping of the B-Complex family (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folate).

I love bananas. Great for smoothies, banana bread, banana muffins and easy to make dark chocolate covered bananas. Other popular fruits are mango and apple. But in a car or at the gym, a plain banana is not messy and tastes great!

Get Down Baby And Work That Banana!!!


Someone Peeled Me Too Early, Look At My Hair, You As@#H%%$

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