The Art Of U.S. Economic Spin Insanity Sent To The Next Level With…


Chained CPI (Chained- Consumer  Price Index!!!!)


Spin Will Mesmerize And Divert Your Attention!

Well, let us first understand the basic premise with the CPI. I call it Concealed Price Inflation. The government says that CPI stands for the Consumer Price Index. This figure is supposed to measure the average price of consumer goods and services. It is used by the government to calculate inflation. The number is the % of inflation used to increase the amount of monies allocated to social programs like medicare and social security. So the lower the number the less the U.S. pays out to the needy.

As it was, the CPI significantly under reported inflation. Since 1968, the government has changed the way it looks at inflation at least 20 times. Each time it found a way to make inflation even lower than the reality. I call these economists, monetary magicians.

According to John Williams, of, if inflation was measured with government criteria for CPI in the 90’s, CPI would be about 5%. If we use government measuring devices in the 80’s for CPI, our figure for today’s inflation would be 9%. The economists say that our CPI is about 2%.

Take a look at The American Institute for Economic Research which says that  ’11 of CPI should have been 8% rather than the government 3.1% figure. This Institute provides Americans unbiased research and analysis on economics.

Now the final issue and one we have all been waiting for:

Current Economic Spin of Chained-CPI

This C-CPI lowers the under reporting of inflation numbers even more. Economists say that if coffee prices go up, consumers will switch to tea. This switching to a lower priced commodity then allows the economist that CPI should be even lower because the consumer will pay less out-of-pocket for the alternative. So if furniture goes up substantially then we should switch to sitting on the floor. If toilet paper costs soar we can switch to yesterdays underwear or possible the hose outside.

man behind the curtain

Exposed, The Great And Powerful Wizard of Oz, Not Anymore

Please, economists and politicians, get REAL!!! We all know that the “Wizard of Oz” has been exposed by the internet and peek-a-boo, it’s YOU!!! Full disclosure of the “real CPI” and proper payment is what Americans demand for fair and just treatment  in US society. Treat unto others as you would have them treat onto you.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this information to us. It is important to know and without people like you are able to find this out and share it with others, some of us, like me who have 0 understanding about these topics wouldn’t have any way to understand. You are able to write this so others can easily understand the complicated financial parts of life. Thanks again for being able to write this with ease and yet great knowledge behind it.


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