Futuristic Eats-Part Two-Coming Soon:

The world is our stage. The play has already started in Paris for an embedding company called WikiCell Designs www.wikicells.com. Their claim to fame is biodegradable and edible forms of food and beverage. Examples like the shell of an egg, the peel of a citrus fruit and that of an apple show biodegradability and edibility. In fact, the peel of a citrus fruit can serve as both options.

Wrapping of cheese in a flavoring layer of sensory compatible fruits or vegetables. Yogurt balls covered in herb/spice edible coats. The boys from WikiCell are doing the same in their food labs with coffee, alcohol, teas, etc.

Their first product, now found in Paris, is an ice cream ball with an outer coating of chocolate.

I would like to try shrimp coated in a cocktail sauce wrapping. What about a coffee product surrounded by a chocolate/cinnamon exterior. Sending that out as a suggestion to WikiCell in case they need more ideas for development.

Would would you rather have, an innovative tomato shell for your food product or more memories of polystyrene/paper that linger forever?


What products would you like to see developed using this technology?

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  1. Cheese coated in Guinness! 🙂


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