Futuristic Eats-Part One-Coming Soon:

Chicken by any other name except for poultry, would not be chicken. Unless of course, you go Beyond Meat http://www.beyondmeat.com, and it’s really not chicken. Can you believe vegetarian chicken, that has the mouth feel, flavor and looks exactly like chicken. It’s a soy-based product that will be found in Whole Foods in 2013.Image

“Leave us alone or else! Eat vegetable protein, it’s better for you.

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  1. though we’ve significantly reduced the amount of meat we consume and haven’t had chicken in three months, we have yet to try meat substitutes. do you recommend others?


    • I always purchase the MorningStar Farms frozen products. You can make excellent sandwiches by adding tomato, lettuce, onion, whole grain bun, etc. They are microwavable which only takes 2 minutes on 1 side and 1 minute on the other.

      I like the Grillers Prime, Black Bean Burger, Chik Patties Original,and Garden Veggie Patties. They also have smoked bacon strips for BLT’s. All are Morning Star products. You will find them at Target. Their are also other brands. I have never liked any of the Bocco Burgers products. They may have reformulated but have not tried them recently.


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