Had A Heart Attack? Want To Lower Your Risk By 35% Before Another Occurence?


The clinical study that came up with the 35% result listed above in my title really blows my mind for two reasons.

1. It was done by a pharmaceutical company.

2. It targeted DIET! We are talking PREVENTATIVE CARE!

Remember, I said drug company! I’m sorry, I just get so excited when a corporation seems to be doing something good for society rather than their own pocket. Plus, the pharmacist/nutritionist in me that wants to help people prevent problems or initially try non-medication alternatives, starts jumping up and down with enthusiasm. It brings us back to, I got to say it again and I do get so excited, DIET!!!!

We already know that a great diet will probably decrease the chances substantially for a first heart attack from ever occurring, think Mediterranean or the Dean Ornish diet plan.

Patients with the highest intake of whole grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables and fish relative to meat poultry and eggs were 35% less likely to suffer mortality from a second attack to the heart.

This was an extensive research project that looked at about 32,000 individuals over 5 years. So diet had a significant impact over a short duration of time. Isn’t it amazing what good food will do!

You may think, to hell with the diet. Who cares?  Medications that the doctor prescribed are lowering my blood pressure and my cholesterol to normal levels. Those numbers are only small windows of the bigger picture that we can’t see with all our knowledge and  expertise. Yes, they are sometimes needed, but they are sometimes not enough.

Now, I have to say a big Mahalo! to a German pharmaceutical company that I have a hard time pronouncing, that funded this study. That company is Boehringer Ingelheim. I shortened it myself to B I. What do you think? That I can say very easily.

I can’t forget to add that B I was also looking at medications to lower risk of a second attack on the heart when they came up with the diet results.

So YOU can make a significant difference in the quality of your health.

Remember that people with healthier diets also practice other healthier habits that lead to a better quality lifestyle. Things like exercise, meditation, biofeedback, religion, social life and good family life all increase your chances for a richer, longer and better lifespan.

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