We Need To Have Politicians And Media To Take Full Responsibility For Their Talk And Actions. This Is How We Can Do Just That!

Why is it that presidential debates have time limitations? The issues that we face today like eroding infrastructure, discrimination of minorities and women, debasing of the dollar with flawed monetary policy, etc. are complex issues requiring hours of intense debate. We are only given snippets of responses and counter-responses. This has to stop!!

My thinking is that there should be no time limit for debates. The Abraham Lincoln/Steven Douglas debates went on for hours. So many important issues facing our country and they give candidates minutes to respond. How can American ascertain how the candidates really stand on issues. These debates are a joke!

Most take the short minutes given and argue or throw bullshit back and forth at each other that just wastes time. I want meat. Americans should be able to get details on their specific program(s) at the debate. Stop stalling and say you have a program written up that will later be released to the public. That’s a complete copout.

Someone like Joe Rogan (the leading podcaster in America), will be able to question presidential candidates for hours on his podcast. Screw the major networks, Twitter, Facebook, etc. They put out biased, wrong, toxic misinformation to taint us with their beliefs rather than the truth. It’s truly confusing and worthless for the networks to air this trash. All public media continues to create larger rifts between Americans via lies and propaganda. 

Let a non-biased moderator, I recommend Mr. Rogan, to respond to each of the supposed facts/claims with video clips on how they previously came to terms about a particular issue. Hold them responsible LIVE and have them respond to why they are not telling the truth. Mr. Rogan will turn them inside out if he has to, exposing the truth from their continuous rhetoric. 

If Americans don’t do something soon to stop the lies and irresponsibility within the corporate community, politicians, Wall Street, media and banks, this country will proceed to Civil War 2. The divide between Americans is continually getting worse. Media companies like Facebook, YouTube (owned by Google), Instagram, Twitter and financially feasting on the destruction of Americans cooperating with each other.

If one bases arguments on a foundation of lies from both parties, how can you have a meaningful discussion that resolves anything? You can’t!!!

E-mail your local Congress constituents, Senate, Administration and the Supreme Court about how these debates and biased coverage must change. We’re losing our country due to a lack of deep, truthful discussion of how to resolve pertinent issues. The media benefits from this destructive behavior between Americans by allowing them to watch more of their tainted coverage. Stop being a victim of their versions of the “truth.” We are all better than that!  

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  1. Hi, Rob! Glad you’re back! And absolutely right.


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