“My Country, ‘Tis Of Thee, Sweet Land Of Liberty…”

You and I are a part of a lucky collective that represents 4% of the world’s population. We are, The United States of America with 328 million plus people and growing. Unitedly representing opportunity and freedom within these highly diverse 50 states and territories.

This miraculous place has come about by differences among our population. Those differences are a unifying strength, not a weakness. From the formation of our country in 1776, our forefathers wrote of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” That we are born in the U.S. with “unalienable rights” to freedom. The walk wasn’t consistent with their talk. White aristocrats were in control with rationalization for the poor behavior that we abhor in today’s environment. That has changed throughout the centuries, although much too slowly. Fortunately for both women and minorities, positive forward motion has accelerated. Clinks in the armor have been greatly magnified by the viral pandemic. This deadly flu will have positive implications that will change how we think about a better life for all.

In the early part of the 20th century, Ellis Island records show the immigration of my grandparents from Italy. My grandmother, was a seamstress. Her husband, a shepherd. They had a dream to become part of the greatest country in the world. Polling monies from relatives, they were able to purchase a domain in New Jersey. The front of the home became a neighborhood dry goods store. The residence served as a rental for borders. My grandmother cooked all day and ran the store. Their children, cleaned and helped with all the chores within the home. Granddad sold fruits and vegetables from a street cart. He also fermented produce to make alcoholic beverages to sell in the neighborhood. During more than 3 decades of hard work, they slowly became part of the middle class. Calling America, this “miracle of civilization”, my grandparents were proud to be citizens of our amazing country. They were filled with happiness and optimism about life in the United States. Their progeny would continue their “American Dream.” 

This welcome mat of freedom that my grandparents experienced, didn’t come easy to those who immigrated from other countries. Many fought in wars to protect our lands. Since the parting of ways with England during the 18th century, over a million souls have been sacrificed for the continuation of liberty in our country. All that bloodshed, have allowed us a republic where freedoms continue to give us the quality of life that are enjoyed by only a minority of other nations.

Battles never have a winner. Although at the end of the day, history always has a habit of listing countries that won the war. When millions of folks are dying in conflicts, everyone loses. That is why the power of negotiation is such an incredible tool for the ability to prevent needless bloodshed. Negotiate away future wars to make life here an even better place. War is no excuse for walking away from the table especially now that nuclear holocaust is readily available for use by the simple push of a button.

We have tallied now 45 men that have led the nation forward in good times and bad. Their legacies vary, depending on many factors. Flavoring their terms in office are the state of the economy, national pulse and international effects. Apparent success of the president also depends on charisma, humbleness and a focus on the future. Citizens overestimate the powers of the elected officials, especially the president. We underestimate our capacity to initiate positive changes moving forward. If a single individual is capable of inspiring phenomenal changes around them, just think of the power of many when the priority is quality of all life within the country.

We need more innovative leaders with moral integrity to move forward. Wise leaders that listen to both the citizens and the well-informed people placed around them for support. Voters are demanding candidates that they are proud enough to re-elect back into office.

Today, we are engaged in finding monetary stability within our economy. What can we do about the high unemployment and lost wages?

Upgrade our infrastructure for the employment of millions of workers to bring us into the future with new bridges, waterworks, electrical grids, etc. Optimize telecommunication networks starting with 5G and beyond for AI, autonomous vehicles, high speed transportation, etc. Update trade agreements for a win-win with countries that share our philosophy with regards to privacy, patents, trademarks, etc. Bring jobs back to the U.S. by allowing robots to join humans for greater productivity and lower costs with wages that are conducive for a quality life. 

This human endeavor that survives through 244 years of history must endure to further mankind’s ability to keep reaching for the stars.

“…let freedom ring!”

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