Thoughts, While We’re Waiting For A Vaccine To Throttle Up Our Immune Systems

Distance at least 6 feet from others. Exercise caution when coming in contact with other humans, especially spitters or mouth breathers! I found if people get too close, you start jumping up in the air!!! They may think that your nuts and move quickly away!! It works!!🙂

Fall and winter are going to be a real bitch when heated cars and homes dehydrate our nasal passages with more chances of viral penetration. This viral porno is deadly because these little protein particles are hot to trot!!! 🙂

Look for attractive masks to highlight your features to give dimensionally to an already frustrated face! I purchased masks on-line from a woman that makes bras and panties. Ended up with a few C cups for an interesting mask!!! It’s a conversation starter!! 🙂

Wash your hands throughly. You’ll know when you gotten too anal once the bleeding starts. 🙂

Have infected associates at work so I have been eating in my car. I turned my auto into a studio apartment with a hot plate and a warming tray. Have to detail my vehicle soon. It has really turned into a pig stye. Oink!! Oink!!!

Better times are a head. Just can’t define when that head will roll out of the closet. 

These thoughts have not been approved by Dr. Anthony Fauci nor Donald Trump.

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