Renovating Your Mind Goes Traveling By Plane-Protect Your Health By Bringing On Water, Healthy Snacks And Gum


That flying machine that seemingly floats through our skies, is much safer statistically than driving in a car. The danger results from what goes on inside the environment of the plane like the cabin air, dehydration, garbage food and those dirty ice cubes. Once you have reached your final destination, these factors could set your health for a tailspin.


It’s bad enough feeling like being in a large can of squirming sardines always trying to find some type of comfortable position. This is just part of the price we pay to go a slow 550 miles per hour. We have been flying at these speeds since the 1950’s. Don’t count the Concorde. It failed economically and has since been mothballed. Things can get a little bit more dicey than just a numb butt and a passenger forward of you reclining his seat right into your chin.

Here is some of the dirty news that the airline industry doesn’t want publicized because of possible public outcry.  Renovating Your Mind will give you ways to circumvent these nasty set of affairs.

A study completed in The Journal of Environmental Health Research, Vol. 3, Issue 1, 2004, 7-12, concluded that Infection rates increase at least 15 times when you fly the friendly skies.

Part of the answer for the rapid spread of disease is the low humidity in the cabin. Your nasal passages immediately start drying out. As the floating virus moves through the ventilation system, dehydration becomes a welcome mat for both incorporation and multiplication of those little bastards. In recent decades, plane manufacturers cut down on incoming air to increase fuel efficiency which lowers the cost of operation.


Want some alcohol to calm down your nerves concerning that baby screaming next to you? That lowers even more protective barriers for preventing a potential microbial stampede. Alcohol pulls water out of the body, causing even more dehydration. It also decreases the strength of your immune system. This makes it easier for the bugs to dominate your body.






  • Bring Water With You Onto The Flight.

Instead of the many options of alcohol on-board, ask for water or sparkling water without ice. Their ice containers, like in many restaurants, are loaded with bacteria. They are rarely, if ever, cleaned properly due to low priority verses everything else going on in the aircraft.


Another big problem on planes is the availability of quality food choices. What can you do with less than an oz of peanuts or pretzels? These bags are so small you end up sitting on them. Next is trying to open these little portions with adult-sized fingers. You burn more calories in the act than you get from the actual contents of these “snacks.” So you need to bring healthy portable foods which are:

  • Apple
  • Bagel garnished with your choice of covering
  • Banana
  • Energy bars
  • Rice cakes
  • Sandwich from Subway, Quiznos, Chick-Fillet, etc.
  • Tangerine
  • Whole grain pretzels (no-salt or low sodium)


Strangers will be salivating in their seats as they watch you consuming your deliciously satisfying flying menu.

The next item on the agenda is a matter of equilibrium. Doesn’t it feel like your living in a fishbowl when your sinus are all clogged up? To keep your ears and sinuses in shape for hearing you have two options which are:

  • Gum

Chewing starts before entering the plane. It is a twofer. Not only do you keep those openings in your head and ears from clogging, but your breath is smelling real sweet.

  • Decongestants (like low-dose pseudoephedrine (Sudafed™)

Please check with your healthcare professional first before taking any medication.

These simple tips will increase the chances of feeling great when arriving at the final destination. You will remain fully hydrated, well nourished with your equilibrium/hearing intact. Now you can run to the baggage carousel while everyone else feels lost in their own head.

And to the person behind me, that keeps jamming stuff into the back of my seat, please put on your lipstick first.




Photo credit: Dmitriy Pichugin / Foter / GNU Free Documentation License

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