Never Trust Any Group Of Authority That Claims They Have Your Best Interests In Mind


Our government has been continually lying to us since the 18th century. Unfortunately, over the last 30 years these mistruths have made a mark with the majority of U.S. citizens. Many think that every single politician is a lying, cheating thief.

Renovating Your Mind‘s perspective is that politics is a dirty profession. Online access enables us to constantly witness all the filthy details of elected officials getting their hands caught in the cookie jar. Some are allowed to stay in politics no matter how many crumbs fall to the floor.

clintons-bill-hillary-early-yearsThis was one of the reasons why it was so difficult to change healthcare during the Clinton administration. So many palms wanted so much constant greasing that the deal fell apart. Mrs. Clinton went back to being first lady. President Clinton continued jogging, eating fast food and smoking fine cigars.


Then we voted in the Obama management team. One of their major goals was to improve healthcare. Magically coming up with billions of dollars to insure millions of uninsured Americans.

Honesty was not part of the policy. The more confusing it is, the greater chance that people will never understand the new healthcare laws until this “Healthcare Package” hits the fan. Optimistically speaking, that will not be the case.

Since there are over 11,000 pages in the ACA (Affordable Care Act), no citizen in the United States can possible speculate what’s in store for the future of healthcare. We know that the poor can’t pay. The wealthy have stocks in healthcare to benefit from ACA. Insurance companies will just raise their rates to the people that can afford it.  Corporations are reducing weekly payroll hours of their associates. This way they no longer have to cover employee medical benefits. Oh, don’t forget about the millions of uninsured citizens that are forced to pay for health insurance in lieu of being fined or jailed. The question is who gets caught holding the hot potato? Can you spell middle class?

When we talk about the medical situation in America, consider almost 3 billion (3,000,000,000) dollars spent in 2012. That is 17% of the gross profit of our nation. Watch these figures over the next 3-5 years to track if ACA will lower healthcare costs.

To see into the future, we need to look back into the past. Take a look how our government treated its most valuable assets, the military. These are the very people that help ensure one of the most valuable reasons for our existence, our freedom.


Many troops in the 1940’s returning from World War II had severe mental issues. Much of this was PTSD but at the time was called “battle fatigue.”

The Federal Government gave their medical staff the authority to use lobotomy on these GIs. The procedure permanently cuts through connections in the brain. “Dr. Frankenstein” would drill holes through the face into the head and cut up the brain. At that time, the operation was believed to sever the area responsible for emotion.

This barbaric destruction of the mind resulted in 10% never regaining consciousness. They died. The majority that survived were able to function, but not as normal human beings. Most were classified as low functioning vegetables no longer able to care for themselves.

Reasons for stopping this treatment was two-fold. One, it didn’t work. Two, medication came out in the 1950’s to treat serious mental illness. The drug induced a type of zombification. Many other mental altering drugs followed but none was successful treatment for PTSD. Even today, continual use of these prescription anti-psychotic agents causes a chemical-like lobotomy.


A past article written in Renovating Your Mind went through other unsuccessful current therapies for PTSD. They consist of antianxiety agents, antidepressants and pain medications. The link is found below:

Uncle Sam Fails Again In Treatment Of PTSD

The government hid, trashed or buried much of the information involving lobotomy treatment.

Government has the best interests of Corporate America in mind, not the citizens. In times of war, that would be companies that produce or service the military industrial complex. Consider the conditions and services of most VA hospitals. That reflects the priority Washington shows with regards to damaged troops returning from war ravaged areas.

We need to be more aware of things that are “really” occurring in this country. Utilize Google and Yahoo to figure out what is really going on behind the “Wizard of Oz” media curtain. Never trust any government group because they don’t care. There is no incentive for them to really give a damn about your personal welfare. Only we can care about ourselves and each other. Pass the word.

Don’t let the government make what you see only be a facade for the “truth.”

sprinkler-fountain-for-kids-hot-day-coming-from what-appears-to-be a mouth

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  1. Very sad and scary!


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