FDA (Fools Demanding Authority) Has Finally Made A Stance About The Use Of Antibiotics In Healthy Animals


Our overwhelmed federal agency, issued a written statement which is essentially a voluntary policy to “limit” using antibiotics for sick animals only. Depending on the food industries honesty levels is akin to saying that our government was trying to help the consumer by bailing out the major banks during the sub-prime mortgage fiasco. Look at the results of that decision today. Please don’t tell me that otherwise we would have had a depression.

Wrote a previous article about pharmaceutical medications used in industrial farming with the link below:

Contaminated Meat On Your Plate?

The FDA has a special relationship with industrial food farms and politicians. This interaction, allows corporate to be treated like a “special” elite group. Companies pretty much get whatever they want out of federal organizations. This all depends on lobbyists and their greasing of palms scenarios. Paper trails used to track farm animals, types of drug(s) used and for what infections will either be phony or omitted. Crowd too many animals together in barbaric conditions and yes, more will get sick and disease will spread rapidly.

Renovating Your Mind thinks this is just a facade. Otherwise, the two main companies that produce antibiotics for animals would be worried about losing sales. They have both said that this “edict” will have little result on changing profits.

Over 80% of the antibiotics made in the US is used in animal agriculture. There is no incentive for the industrial farms to use less antibiotics. They are inexpensively purchased to quickly fatten animals for slaughter resulting in much higher market values. This reeks of no upside to using less medications. It will cost farms a little bit more for this process. Someone has to be paid to fill out and manipulate the paperwork. The goal would be showing the consumer evidence that they are purchasing a less contaminated hunk of meat. 1-ply-toliet-paper-last-sheet-wipe-well

This ruling allows the industrial farms to continue to police themselves with regards to disease-specific antibiotic dosing of animals. This paper trail is as good as reusing one ply toilet paper. It is a full frontal joke that has an “authority” acronym (FDA) attached to it that confers little if any authority. Trust no one, especially those in partnership with the FDA or any other government agency. Google it. Prove to yourself that it is only virtual cover for continued industry contamination in our food system. Profits taking precedence over food quality is immoral.

Spend the time to research over what industry is doing to our food systems.

Please buy local organic meats. Spread the word about Renovating Your Mind.com. Tell your family, friends and neighbors about this continuing abuse of our foods.

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  1. If something is labeled organic -what proof do we have that it is and does the FDA put the stamp on it?


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