Renovating Your Mind, To Release The Strings That Bind Thee, By Understanding “Grounding”

“Grounding” means noticing not only yourself but nature and people around you. The ability to let go of any preconceived notions, bias and prejudices. Our memory banks must be set aside. Time is taken out of the equation, allowing this natural state of reality to run not monitored by a clock.


How do we go about reaching that “state”? “Grounding” is an innate ability of the human core. We start to let it go unknowingly, when getting older. Chalk it up to being too busy. You are overwhelmed with things that don’t matter. We convince ourselves to think otherwise. Memory starts to fill up with billions of objects that were viewed and stored. Seeing something repeatedly, no longer noticing details but only the overall view. Results of prior events start getting in the way of how we react to something in the present. This preconceived notion is set of what we have already recognized before in meeting someone new. Past bias starts to degrade our perception of reality.

Children are usually totally “grounded”. They are known to see things that adults no longer envision. Imagination is supposedly more vivid when the brain is still young. Others think that kids are able to see imaginary playmates that may actually be real. Not in the sense of our supposed “real world” but in an out of sync dimension whose portals open into the sights of someone with no constraints. A child that has not been tarnished by the world around them. This little person who doesn’t how to lie to or criticize someone. Race, religion, sex and political bias is not part of their world. That is why life seemed so simple because we were so in touch with everything around us.

“Grounded” when you were a teenager meant you were punished in some way by your parents. You did something they deemed was not acceptable. They were showing you the reality of right and wrong to jolt your “little world” into a “grounding”. Depending on the situation and degree of family dysfunction, it caused emotional strings to start controlling “your little world.” This is especially true if screaming and beatings were part of that jolt process.


As adults, we are all on autopilot mode, like a machine. An example, is our drive to work. Many of us take the same route, like a mouse familiar with a maze. We go from point A to point B, not even knowing how we got to our destination. Time doesn’t seem to exist. Floating around in our head are all kinds of thoughts but none having anything to do with operating a vehicle. This is an example of being out of touch with the world and a loss of “grounding”.

The grounding of humanity consists of love and being loved. You are fully open and happy with everything around you. Sitting still enough to notice the smallest hummingbird buzzing around the yard. Taking the time to gaze upwards into the night sky seeing the beauty of what is millions of miles away. Looking into your significant others’ eyes, creaming the scene with hugs and passionate kisses. This is all part of being positively “grounded.” It brings you back to what’s real rather than the perpetual illusion we sometimes refer to as “our life.”

fireworks-at-magic-kingdom-disneyworld-from town-square

If you ever went to Disney World or any great amusement park, you undergo age regression and instantly become young again. All the fun with no adult inhibitions. Propelled, feelings and all, instantly back into childhood. That is a beautiful human “grounding” experience.

Life is like filter paper. In the beginning, when we are young the paper is thin and lets almost everything through. With age, the paper gets thick and the pores get smaller as we see less and less around us. Bias, criticism, pessimism, etc. cause us to see less good. Focus exaggerates on everything that is bad. Eventually our minds our so laden with preconceived ideas that there is a total loss of grounding. This must be rectified.

These are your options for “grounding”:

  • Get to Disneyworld or another great amusement park with your children or your significant other soon.
  • Check to see if you’re an adult (21 years) and take a short vacation to reground. Find a state that legalizes recreational cannabis after Dec. 31, 2013.
  • Or…

Strip off all your worldly inhibitions! Start “grounding” yourself now.

This short commercial for Evian water shows how the true “fountain of youth” is inside each and every one of us.


Interesting article about marijuana’s effect on consciousness. Fascinating material with link below:

How Cannabis Effects Consciousness

Photo credit: Taylor Dawn Fortune / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: Taylor Dawn Fortune / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: Fly For Fun / Foter / CC BY-NC

Photo credit: Tom.Bricker / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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