Controversy Continues For Organic Food’s Benefits Over Conventional Foodstuff

Huffington-news-not-as biased-as-fox-opinioned-tabloid-reporting

An article in the Huffington Post has been recently posted titled “Is Organic Food Healthier?” I have linked the writing below:

Little Difference In Nutritional Content Of Organic Versus Conventional

Renovating Your Mind says that even if the above article is true, the focus should be on the overall healthier picture with organic produce. Things other than produce are vastly improved by the process of natural farming. Organically raised animals are fed plants which then become a “safer meat” for consumption. Overall health picture of the environment is not further polluted with antibiotics, hormones and unapproved pesticides/herbicides/fungicides.

The debate will continue over the quality, nutritional content and price differential that certified organic produce has over the conventionally grown. Certified organic contains less contaminants so food is of higher quality. Reasons being:

  • Grow fields devoid of prohibited synthetic substances for three years or longer.
  • Human or sludge sewage as fertilizer is banned. Sludge sewage is a product of waste water treatment.
  • Approved list of safe chemicals allowed for use. See link below for specifics:

Approved Chemicals For Organic Farming

  • Genetically modified organisms are prohibited.
  • No irradiation allowed.

Renovating Your Mind came out with this article last year about the health advantageous of going the organic route. Here is the link:

Organic Produce Is Worth The Cost And Effort

Non-organic must be separated from organic products on the farm. No crossover contamination may occur.

All the above is verified by periodic checks from local non-profit state organizations.

The seven points above show that the contamination is much less than with conventional fare.

We determined that the overall quality is better. The nutritional content is equivalent if not higher than conventional. The taste is usually much better if it’s grown locally and then picked at perfection. Also, notice that most organic is not waxed and often have blemishes. Those discoloration spots are beauty marks for organic quality.

I looked closely at the ingredients of permitted chemicals used in organic farming. If used correctly, they are much safer than conventional alternatives. You can Google each one yourself and see if you agree with me. Some of them are also used in conventional farming.


Beware of the pretty poison like conventional apples. Some of the toxins are trapped between the wax and the peel.  Apples are one of the top ten most contaminated produce pieces in the market.

The old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” must be updated.


It takes more than an apple a day to keep the doctor away. Consume as many different fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds daily. Purchase something different  in the produce aisle. Google how to prepare it.

Adding more types of produce ups your “apple a day” protection. Every color of produce offers completely different antioxidants. More variety affords more prevention against disease.

If enough consumers join the organic movement, prices will continue to drop in the marketplace. We can significantly change how farms practice their trade. Make an effort, when financially possible, to place your cash on the better bet which is organic produce.

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