Veggies That Are High In Carbohydates I Call The “Starchettes” One Example, The Potato


The “starchettes” are a group of vegetables that are higher in carbohydrates than other vegetables. Once ingested, they increase glycemic index higher than non-starch vegetables. Higher numbers on the index indicate sugar levels going up rapidly and the pancreas pumping out large amounts of insulin to lower these sugars. They also contain almost 200% more calories than the non-starchy vegetables.

Couch Spud Contemplating The Question Of Digestion

King Of the Starchy Carbohydrates Is the Potato.

Renovating Your Mind Introduces

The “Starchettes”:

(# is the amount of starch)

1. Split peas-55%

2. Lentils-51%

3. Kidney beans-38%


4. *Red Potato-26% (raises sugars in the body much slower than white potato, different molecular structure) better than white potato, especially if a diabetic.

toliet-situation-of-corn-tainted feces

5. Corn-18% (hard to digest, remember those yellow-embedded feces)

Corn Kernel Visible Visitation Portal

6. White Potato-18% (try to switch over to the red variety) Cut in strips, add pure virgin olive oil, spices, Nu-salt™ or salt and preheat 400° in the oven. That is a quick cooking trip to feast on a delicious comfort food.

7. Squash-18%

8. Sweet potato-7%

9. Parsnips-6%

*Exception to the rule.

Health experts recommend not more than one serving a day of these vegetables. Caution to those with diabetes to monitor blood sugar with the “starchettes”.

To ensure better health we must get carbohydrate in our diets. The body spares protein by using carbohydrate . Carbohydrates are a primary energy source to save proteins for building, repairing and maintaining muscle and tissue. The body easily breaks down carbohydrate much faster than fat or protein. Carbohydrate is used as fast energy for the brain and the rest of the body’s cells.

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    • Thank you MC.

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