Renovating Your Mind Stimulates You With A Cup Of Joe And Benefits It May Bestow


The physical effects of coffee varies from person to person. If you have been drinking a set amount of  java, effects on stimulation, heart rate and blood pressure won’t change that much. The body with all its systems and organs have become used to your daily indulgence. If you step up the dose of caffeine with more cups or decrease that dose you may see some big changes.

face-man-when going-cold-turkey-off-coffee

Go cold turkey and earn the potential to become the most miserable human being in society for up to three days. Renovating Your Mind recommends if you want to stop coffee, do it slowly, lessening the quantity over a long period of time.

Research focusing on coffee and lifespan showed that over 14 years, coffee drinkers (2 cups or more) were greater than 10% less likely to pass away (die) over non-coffee drinkers. The study was funded by NIH (National Institute of Health) and published in 5/17/12 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Daily coffee also shows protection from developing liver disease. One of the most recent studies was from 12/22/11 in the journal Hepatology. It showed that coffee protected against the progression of liver disease in non-alcoholics.

You may be interested in a few of my past columns concerning coffee’s protective chemistry, benefits and what to watch out for when purchasing the product. If you don’t feel like reading them, just go there anyway, you’ll love the pictures. 🙂

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The leading source of antioxidants in the U.S. is, you guessed it, coffee. Americans sip so darn much of it! Most of the beneficial molecules in coffee are found in substances called polyphenols. These chemicals make up most of the taste and smell of this wonderful dark liquid.

Did you know that caffeine can improve performance in competitive sports? It is one thing that is still legal for athletes to use for getting an edge. It is called an “ergogenic aid” that increases the ability to perform beyond normal in a high intensity exercise.

Caffeine gets into the bloodstream and stimulates the CNS (central nervous system). This allows that “wake up” feeling that suddenly grabs hold of you in the morning, plunging you headfirst into your day.

Those nights, when you need to stay awake, remember one word, adenosine. This chemical is a nerve transmitter that sits in certain areas of the brain causing drowsiness. Caffeine blocks adenosine and therefore creates that alert focused effect. Fire up that coffee pot and let the cramming begin! 🙂

Love coffee and coffee cake! Now that, is comfort food. I know you want some.


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