Renovating Your Mind Casts The Net For Today’s Catch, Shrimp, It’s What For Dinner.

Shrimp are the same as prawns and can grow as long as 9 inches. They are part of the same crustacean team that gives us lobsters.


The shrimp has antennas that can be up to 4 times as long as the body size. Renovating Your Mind thinks it’s not worth the time or cash saved money to buy these “little guys” with their heads and antennas still attached. You will gross out both your significant other and any kids lurking around the area. This may appear to them as looking like a big insect with long feelers which is pretty raunchy to most people. Spend a few extra cents and get them “off with their heads” and antennas for the visually correct way that most see them in the store or restaurant.

Here is a really good site to depict how to take both the shell off and  get the intestine (poop) out of the shrimp.

How To Peel and Devein The Little Shrimpers

Once every so often, you may find an orange line of color along the back of the prawn. This is the roe of the shrimp. Slice that area lengthwise and remove the orange material. The shrimp is safe to consume either way, with or without the roe.


Some wonder what happens when you go to a bar or seafood restaurant and get an order of steamed shrimp. You have to peel off the shell. Are you actually eating the poop and possibly the roe? Yes, you are, but it won’t hurt you. Down another beer or glass of wine. Alcohol is a great internal sanitizer. 🙂 No, seriously even if you don’t do alcohol,  your body will kill any baddies that may be in the black line of the shrimp.

I’m excited to talk about the “bad boy” of the shrimp world. This guy is the Tony Soprano of the prawn kingdom. The mantis shrimp is a serious carnivore that kicks the “assparagus” out of anyone he comes in contact with on the ocean floor. Because he is such a large shrimp, the meat is abundant. It is also sweet and delicious. In this short video Zefrank1 gets down and dirty with this cunning crustacean:

Photo credit: stu_spivack / / CC BY-SA



Photo credit: seriouslygood1 / / CC BY-NC-ND

Cartoon credit:

Thank you Zefrank. You are pleasantly insane for the YouTube video

Photo credit: Kirti Poddar / / CC BY

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