Renovating Your Mind Visits Vinegar. Acid Rock A Meal’s Taste Right Out Of The Ballpark.


If you take alcohol and let it ferment further, you end up with vinegar. This is a dilute solution of acetic acid.  The production of commercial white vinegar is sped up by what is known as the “mother of vinegar”. That is a large grouping of bacteria starter organisms allowing faster activity on changing over the alcohol molecule.

Vinegar was discovered around 10,000 years ago. Our ancestors, when letting beers or wines set too long, accidentally resulted in a substance with a sour acid bite. They started putting it on food and eventually used it as a preservative like salt.


Renovating Your Mind found that if you place a long bone in vinegar for twenty-four hours it becomes flexible like rubber. Pearls dropped in vinegar will change from a solid to solution. Taking a hard-boiled egg and placing it in vinegar will dissolve the outer shell and make the egg inside very soft. Anything made of calcium will either change texture or disappear by dissolving into the vinegar. So it makes an excellent cleaning fluid for dissolving mineral deposits caused by water over time (drain, coffeemaker, window, etc.).

Most popular types are apple cider, balsamic, distilled, kombucha, rice and wine vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar

similar in color to apple cider. This substance is used in so many different types of old-time medical remedies. Many of these uses were centered around inflammatory conditions like arthritis and rheumatoid diseases. The taste of this vinegar is very strong and harsh to the throat.It is usually mixed with honey, water or fruit juices.


Balsamic Vinegar

one of the most versatile varieties. It is a product of concentrated grape juice. Dark in color and sweet in taste this vinegar has a unique favor that compliments so many different types of foods. It is used to make glazes and sauces. The most expensive types have been aged for years sometimes even decades. There are even century old types that are held and treasured for generations.


Distilled Vinegar

also called white vinegar, is the most common vinegar. It is available for use in cleaning, baking, cooking, marinating, pickling and preserving. It is clear in color and inexpensive. Most vinegar in the U.S. is made from corn. One of the largest manufacturers of vinegar is Heinz, the ketchup people.



slightly naturally carbonated fermented tea product that is turned into a vinegar-like thick drink with the addition of both bacteria and different types of yeasts. It is reported to have health and systemic energy benefits. Kombucha is available in many different flavors. It is an acquired taste with a vinegary bitter flavor. Some Kombucha rookies are initially thrown off with the odor of the product. Pinch your nostrils. It will alter the bacteria flora of your body which is proving beneficial in improving health.

Rice Vinegar

makes rice sticky so it can hold together well for sushi. It is most popular in Southeast Asia. In the last couple of decades, this vinegar has been visible in mainstream supermarkets for making sushi rice and other Asian dishes. Rice vinegar comes in black, red and yellow colors. Red variety is made with red rice yeast which is also used to make a supplement know to lower cholesterol levels. Yellow is utilized in salad dressings by the Japanese. The Chinese have made the black rice vinegar popular with their dishes.



is spiced vinegar from the Philippines. It is used with grilled or fried foods. It has an infusion of ginger, hot pepper spices, peppercorns, shallots and garlic. Made to sit and age over at least one week till ready for use.

red-wine-vinegar-bottleWine vinegar

is made with either red or white wines. This type of vinegar is not as acidic as the other varieties. Similar to balsamic, the longer it sits fermenting, the more expensive the product. Just like in the fermentation of wines, this vinegar will sit in a barrel aging till ready for use. The most popular vinegar in the Mediterranean. Red wine type is excellent as a salad dressing with red onions.


Getting Down With Powerful Vinegar

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