Bored With Water And Want To Add A Little Pizzazz? Renovating Your Mind Bubbles Up Some Ideas

Water does get monotonous. You want something different for hydration without the sugar. Renovating Your Mind has assembled some unique products to splash down those taste buds. Some are new and others just haven’t been marketed aggressively. This article will expose as many products as possible for your drinking pleasure.


There is a unique product called CitrusZinger.The bottle has a lower chamber where you can secure a slice of citrus fruit. Juice will infuse your water without letting though the rind or seeds. It’s a cool, BPA-A free container. Check it out below on Amazon:

Citrus Zinger Color: Green


Now we go to the bubble world of sparkling waters. Try San Pellegrino carbonated water imported from Italy by Nestle. This is one of the top three tasting water carbonation products in the world. Gas bubbles in fluid alters the way water feels in your mouth. It makes things taste cooler and fresher. The bottles are available in both glass and plastic. Glass products are inert therefore they impart zero taste to their contents. .

The other top rated  bottled carbonated waters are Voss from Norway, Antipodes from New Zealand, Gerolsteiner from Germany and Perrier from France.


This innovative product is by a company called H2M Beverage. They have the cap of the bottle separated from the reverse-osmosis purified water. The M is contained in the cap that holds flavorings, vitamins and minerals. Check out their site at:

989 OnDemand


Another novel popular drink is by Hint Inc. called Hint Water. These fluids have a subtle fruit flavor with no sweeteners. It’s a very cool product where you can choose from ten different varieties. Your taste buds will never be the same. Here is their site:

Hint Waters

Next, we pour over to Poland Spring’s sparkling fruit essence waters by Nestle. The ingredients are simple with a non-sweetened slight fruit taste. The assortment contains 5 different carbonated flavors and a plain variety.


Don’t Like Their Plain Water But Love This Product


Another product by Talking Rain Company Inc is called Sparkling Ice. Their products contain the sweetener sucralose. That sugar substitute is one of the safest artificial sweeteners on the market. Their CEO, Kevin Klock says, “we are not as boring as water. We are not as bad for you as soda.” Great alternative for a diabetic patient that want something sweet to drink that doesn’t contain sugar.

My only problem with the product is that it does contain artificial colors. Company says that it doesn’t use natural colors because of stability and taste. Personally, I think it just cheaper and easier to use artificial colors. People want to be hydrated with a unique product for variety but they also want safety. In the case of Talking Rain Company’s Sparkling Ice they should cut out the artificial colors. People want safe stuff to drink and we don’t trust FDA’s approved food/liquid color schemes.

I don’t like Mio made by Kraft Food Group Inc. and Dasani drops by Pepsi which is a liquid concentrated flavor enhancer. You add small amounts of these products to water. I am not a fan of Kool Aid and Crystal Light powders. These products contain preservative chemicals, artificial colors, in addition to sweeteners other than sucralose or sugar.

There are so many products that are safe alternatives to water. Seek out those liquids that stand out for safety and innovation. Reach out for a variety of tastes to guzzle down some great liquid excitement.


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