Renovating Your Mind Is Challenging You To Exercise Your Body For A Better Life

Hundreds of years ago, exercise was interwoven with living life because modern conveniences didn’t exist. Today, we have to force fit working out into our lifestyle. This is Renovating Your Mind‘s tips to get maximum mph out of your fitness program.

1.bottled-water-in water Plain Water For Hydration

Unless you engage in long aggressive workouts and need nutrient replacement (salt, sugar, electrolytes), plain water is still your best bet before, during and after the exercise. No matter what the Gatorade and Gatorade want to be companies preach through their marketing.

2. Stretch After Workout

Your muscles need to warm up which happens during the exercise event. If you stretch beforehand, there is a possibility of a strain or sprain. Activity increases blood flow to the area(s) therefore allowing a safer stretch of those muscles. You also get higher amounts of lubricating fluids in your joints making the process of stretching much safer after a workout.


3. Lift Those Weights, You Won’t Bulk Up

Weights put force on the specific area(s) depending on the machine you are using or the type of free-weight exercise you are performing. When you put pressure on both muscles and bone they get stronger and burn more calories. Even on your off-exercise time, toned muscles and conditioned bones will continue to burn calories at a higher rate. Women will not develop bulky muscles.

4. Exercise Won’t Decrease Body Weight Rapidly

Toned muscle weighs more than fat. When you first start working out you may show little if any weight loss. If you both exercise and decrease your food intake, you will lose significantly more weight at a faster rate. As your body gets into better shape you are exchanging fat for tone muscle tissue. Over time, it will be easier to maintain your weight once you reach your desired body image. At rest, a fit body burns a heck of a lot more calories than a fatter one. With increasing age, falls and fractures become more likely as muscles break down faster and you lose bone mass. You lower this risk if you continue working out till you utter your last breath.


5. Losing Weight In Only One Area Is A Pipe Dream

When you exercise, you burn calories coming from all over your body. When you lose one pound you have lost fat from all over your body. So to pick a problem area and try to focus on that area only is counterproductive. Working the entire body is the only way to make those affected area(s) get back into shape.


6. Don’t Depend On Readouts From Aerobic Equipment

Some of the newer machines that ask you for sex, weight, height and age might be a little bit more accurate. Rough estimate is 100 calories burned for every mile. The more you weigh, the more calories you will burn after doing that one mile. So a heavier person can make faster progress with consistent exercise than a skinnier one.


7. Do Exercise You Enjoy And Have An Exercise Partner

If you like doing something, you will continue to move forward with that exercise. Make it fun. Make it a challenge. Partners are excellent for ensuring a comfort zone and pushing each other to reach a common goal.


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