Renovating Your Mind Gives Your Food Cabinets A Spring Makeover Part Three

Here are more additions to our food cabinet for help in adding some oomph to our healthy meals.



Found by the Aztecs and available to prepare within 15 minutes of boiling the water, soup, broth or stock. It is very hard to ruin this dish. Quinoa is a delicious alternate to rice and healthier. You can use it as a side dish or a main course. For part of an entrée, you may place it with meat, seafood, vegetables or cheeses. This seed is an extremely versatile food. Pronounced keen-wah, this was Renovating Your Mind‘s favorite food discovery for 2013. Believe it or not, this seed is closely related to a tumbleweed. Take a look here if you want to know more about quinoa:

The Incredible “Super Crop” Called Quinoa


Green Tea

Know for its antioxidant effects to lower cell damage leading to cancer. This tea makes you feel fuller longer. If consumed with a meal less likely to go back for seconds. If going back for seconds, one will consume less food. Its effects on increasing the body’s ability to burn calories off as heat is controversial. Other teas like white and dark are also great alternatives. Great for both hot and cold teas to enjoy year round.


Dried Fruits

Contains concentrated fructose (fruit sugar) which gives it the sweetness. Its dehydrated so most its water is gone. Dried fruits are filled with nutrients and loads of fiber. They taste fantastic in oatmeal, cold cereal, in yogurt and blended into smoothies. These fruits make the blood sugar increase substantially. Caution if you are a patient with diabetes. Please monitor your blood glucose.


Whole Wheat Flour

You can usually use a 1:1 mix with whole wheat with white flour in a recipe and usually be ok. If you don’t want any risk at all of a problem go with 1:2 which is 1/3 whole wheat and 2/3 white flour for breads, pizza crusts, muffins, etc. Cocoa or chocolate will hide the taste of whole wheat better than anything if you are making muffins. Why whole wheat flour is better is it has more fiber and more nutrients. I make my pizza dough with a 1:1 mix but I use yeast especially designed for raising whole grain flours found at Whole Foods.

cajun-heat-can-you-feel-it-bottlesBody Implosion With Organ Meltdown

Hot Sauce

Kicks any food up to the sky! It adds a ton of flavor without including a lot of calories and sodium. There are hundreds of thousands of different hot sauces on the market throughout the world. Some of the labels are beyond hilarious. Before purchasing, read the bottle and make sure they haven’t loaded up the sauce with salt. Interested about spicy peppers and how a pharmacist discovered how hot these girls really are:

Burn A Hole In Your Mouth With This

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