Renovating Your Mind Does Nutritional Potpourri


Chinese citizens cannot take their meat labeling for granted.

Be glad we don’t have to go looking for meat in China. They had those mysterious deaths of thousands of pig corpses found floating in the river. Much of that pork may have been utilized for human consumption. Infected pork was discovered in both restaurants and homes that were linked to those deaths. More meat disgust was currently discovered by authorities. They found what was labeled as lamb was actually contaminated rat, fox or mink. Citizens had already crossed off poultry from their shopping list because of bird flu scares. This virus, has spread throughout the country infecting hundreds of thousands of chickens.

There is great tip that Renovating Your Mind discovered about fake cooked lamb. When lamb has an odd odor, turns very dark and produces lots of foam in the water then what you have is not lamb. What you have could be anybody’s guess.


Would labeling on fast foods make you think twice  about consumption if they printed the duration of exercise needed to burn off the food?

Test labeling in fast food joints may finally make the public understand they are eating their way to obesity. Instead of using calories on the menu, researchers have tested putting the amount of exercise time needed to get rid of the food’s calories. The test group only ate fewer calories when they saw the amount of effort needed to burn off the food. The information was reported on NPR radio.


The overweight patient may experience discrimination during a medical visit.

Seems like some physicians have a fat prejudice towards individuals that are overweight. Research shows they treat them differently with less empathy than the normal weight participants. The medical doctors didn’t form the type of rapport with these patients compared to normal weight people. Although they did give everyone an equal amount of time during the visit.


Does the yearly flu vaccination give significant protection against influenza?

A researcher from John Hopkins University of Medicine, postdoctoral fellow, Peter Doshi says that the flu shot is less beneficial and less safe than claimed. It comes down to marketing the product by the CDC. This government organization says that getting the yearly shot lessens the chance of death by 48%. The public has responded by getting a total of 135 million doses of the shot throughout the U.S this past year.

Dr. Doshi thinks that the value of the flu shot is overstated. The data may be flawed because the healthy people rather than the unhealthy people are getting the immunization. There is no research at all that shows it reduces any of the elderly deaths. All influenza is flu, but many of the flu bugs are not influenza. Therefore if you get one of those bugs the influenza vaccination cannot work.


What if they trained fat porkers to give shots. Do you think people would discriminate against them because they are portly? The medical boards would have to allow them to be certified in immunization. They probably would gladly accept slop as pay. So they would be the perfect alternative to help free up the already stressed-out healthcare professionals. Of course, you would have to substitute oink for thank you.

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