Renovating Your Mind Goes Nuts Over Seeds


Edible seeds are what early man saw animals eating out in the wild. Such little things in quantity quelled their appetite for a long time. If they ground up the seeds, it produced a paste. Later generations applied these pastes to baked goods. This process continues today.

Meet The Edible Seeds:



A dark seed that is loaded with phosphorous, calcium and manganese. It always tastes great in smoothies and cereals. The fiber content of this product is very high.

Renovating Your Mind did a previous article on these incredible seeds. If nothing else, look at the pictures in this chia mania because they are hilarious.

Chia Is One Hairy Seed 🙂



This red-brown seed has a nutty taste that’s high in copper and selenium. You have to use a coffee grinder to get out all the goodness, otherwise it will go through you undigested. Some of the goodies hidden inside include fiber, omega-3 fats, lignans, magnesium, manganese and phosphorous. After first grinding them up, add to veggie-burgers and also recipes for baked goods. Lignans have been shown to lower the risk of some cancers.



Great choice for a complete protein. I was shocked that you can actually purchase these seeds because they contain no THC (active component of marijuana). They have a mild flavor. They contain beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and also have a chemical that will lower cholesterol.



Love them pepitas which is another name for pumpkin seeds. As kids, we would have contests on who could shoot them the furthest. High in the amino acid tryptophan which is used to make protein in your body. The seed also produces serotonin which lowers anxiety and stress. They are used as preventative or for reduction in symptoms of prostate disease. Add them to recipes for granola and muffins. Love them all by themselves.



You find them on bagels. Amazing for their toasted oils used to give stir-fried foods that Asian flair. Used to flavor salads and the main ingredient in the tahini. I save the empty bagel bags so I can eat all these seeds that fall to the bottom of the bag. Seeds have a lot of fiber. Sesame colors go from light brown to black. The seed is high in calcium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and some of the B’s.



This flower sun seed should be a fertile women’s new best friend. High in folic acid, a B-complex vitamin that reduces chances of fetal abnormalities. Folic acid is present in prenatal vitamins. Nutty, crunchy with a gray-green color that is loaded with other B vitamins, fiber, copper, phosphorous, manganese, selenium, zinc and vitamin E. Throw into cereals, granola, recipes for cookies, breads and muffins. Love it on my salad.


Wheat Germ

This is the powerhouse of the wheat kernel. This grain embryo is loaded with B-complex vitamins, protein, iron and is high in fiber. It does turn rancid easily. Refrigerate after opening the package or glass jar for a longer life. You can also purchase it toasted which really highlights the nutty taste. Wheat germ is great with oatmeal, on cereal, in muffins and added to ingredients of other baked goods.

Go Nuts Over Seeds With These Handy Tips:

  • Daily seed consumption should be up to 1 ounce per day.
  • Use in your recipes for breads, muffins, cookies and granola.
  • Use them in stir-fries and on salads for extra flavor.
  • Expose that flax-seed! Ground them up so you absorb those precious nutrients.
  • Use seeds in dipping oils for breads.

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