Current Information On “What’s Happening In Junk Food Nutrition Today”

hyper-teen-blowing-bubbleI have an update from the FDA on Wrigley’s new energy gum called Alert. The government agency is taking a second look at the safety of caffeinated food/beverages. Wrigley has voluntarily stopped production of the gum till the FDA announces new guidelines. One piece of Alert gum has the amount of caffeine contained in 1/2 cup of brewed coffee. It is supposed to be an “adult” gum. Unfortunately, I don’t think that store employees will start carding kids for their purchases of gum. Do you? 🙂

Renovating Your Mind wrote this column some time ago about caffeinated products.

Caffeine In An Adult Gum, Are You Going To Restrict Purchase In Kids

Monster Beverage probably had an impact on the FDA move. California politicians are suing the company for marketing their caffeinated drink to children. The federal bureau must come to a conclusion concerning health implications for high doses of caffeine for both children and adolescents.


Coca-Cola is marketing a new push against claims that soft drinks lead to obesity. Liquid candy by the company will no longer be marketed to children. Definition of a child is anyone under the age of 12. Coca-Cola will also place the amount of calories on product labels. In addition, for purchasing its highly profitable bubbly, colored sugar-water, it will sponsor exercise programs. So now with Coca-Cola sponsorship, you can try to burn off all those unneeded calories. Why are they doing this? The entire world is realizing how bad these drinks are for their health.

Over 1/3 of their products in North America consist of low or no calories drinks. If you purchase a Coke product, make it Dasani Water. Each time you make a water purchase, you tell Coca-Cola, I don’t want your sugary carbonated sticky crap. Stick it!


Last on the food menu is the chain we know best as Mickey D’s.


McDonald’s is involved in a price war with freckle face pixie tailed Wendy’s. They have both been dispensing those cheap $1 menu items. People still want the low dollar menu but in addition want a larger amount of food for the same price. It’s the downward spiral of which company can buy bulk ingredients cheaper and still make a profit. What goes into the quality of that product to keep that price low is the unanswered question.

Both chains are sacrificing profit margins as they continue to keep their cost-conscious customers coming up to the drive-thru windows. How low can Wendy’s and McDonald’s go?

muscles-of-mickey-d'sThis is the kind of muscle that develops with the “Value Meals” from all these fast food chains. I want to also shout out to Taco Bell, Hardee’s, KFC, Burger King, Sonic, Arby’s, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Bojangles, Jack-In-The-Box, Popeye’s, etc. Did I forget any? Please comment me if I left someone out. Everyone is due their credit for continuing to mesmerize the taste buds. Thank you for helping to accelerate obesity in America. Your vote against these franchises is to limit purchasing their products. Better yet, stay away from companies that will sacrifice your health for their monetary benefits.

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