Renovating Your Mind Takes A Look At Lowering STRESS LEVELS.


Get Me The Hell Out Of Here!!!

Go to your local supermarket this Saturday on a hunt for mustard and toothpaste. You can have 50 or more choices of each product staring back at you. That’s why people block off the aisle with their carts trying to decide what to put in the shopping cart. They create their own mini emergency decision zone camping out with their family trying to make the ultimate product choice. This is insane! We are overburdened with too many choices almost everywhere we shop. I am happy with a store containing only 25% of the variety that I see elsewhere in the market.


Simple And Refreshing


Doing It Right With Healthy Foods

This unique innovative environment is found in both Aldi and also Trader Joe’s. These stores have limited but usually great choices. Renovating Your Mind is very happy that they are part of our shopping mart mix in the U.S. Turn down those stress levels and frequent these cool marketers. It’s more fun shopping there too.



Take that unfortunate trip to the doctor’s office for the initial visit but make sure you are there at least 15 minutes in advance of your appointment time. Why? The paperwork. It is easier to apply for citizenship then to fill out the wads of paperwork you are given at the medical office to detail your personal information. Many of the forms are redundant but I am sure they go into multiple files somewhere in some cabinet.


The Missing Links Going Ape Over Privacy

The employee at the front desk tells you to please read a couple single spaced pages about privacy issues. You have to please date and sign that you understand the privacy information. Really. Isn’t that called medical professionalism and the unwritten vow of privacy? Hasn’t every healthcare professional kept everything private for the last 100 years? What a joke!

HIPPA stands for Hell Isn’t Professionalism Perfectly Asinine.

I encourage anyone going for their first MD visit to make multiple copies of everything. Please ask the receptionist to make copies for your records. After the office visit be sure to make more duplicates of those pages for backup. Get a manila folder and then label it with the title, Patient Information Sheets For New Physicians. Don’t forget to include that total waste of paper, those HIPPA pages in that folder. It will significantly lower both frustration and time spent in your next visit to a new physician.


So Many Prescriptions, So Little Time, So Many People

Think about my special place, the pharmacy. Our main handout, besides the consultation are the prescription vials. Both the bottle contents and the labeling are vital to your healthcare needs.


Difficult Label To Read With So Much Information

Take a look at your prescription labels. Anything you can’t find on there? I can’t find any common sense on that ridiculous amount of information printed over a 360- degree landscape. If you are an older person taking multiple medications this is beyond frustrating.


Innovative Solution, Clear Concise Flat Label With Color Coding

Check out the prescription labels/bottles at Target Pharmacy. They are flat and the bottle has color-coding for recognition. That is what all prescription labels/bottles should resemble to lower chance for patient error. Target is to be commended for this innovative leap. Other chains should copy this out of the box approach to improve the patient’s quality of care.


Can’t See The Forest Within The Trees

Society as a whole has become a stressed-out scapegoat for putting up with all this complexity. The media play a major role in exaggerating and taking things out of context. They help to significantly increase our flight or fight reaction. This increases blood pressure, raises heart rate, ups respirations and stresses the heck out of many of us. So we need to calm down.

Mind Floating Away In Complete Relaxation

Meditation is an incredible way to a better quality of life. I have to recommend an easy book called, The Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson. He shows you how simple meditation can be for a beginner. If you give meditation a try you can open up a hidden world of complete bliss!


Cable TV Pixel Trance

By the way, in 2012, I dropped all cable television. I don’t feel any loss. I have more time to read and concentrate on all the positive news going on in society. All those years, of being brainwashed by corporate America’s commercials, negative media news and addicting weekly shows that added almost zero optimism to my life. A total of 2 million Americans dropped their cable TV in 2007 and in early 2013 that number has jumped to 5 million ex-viewers. Put the money back in your pockets rather than into your cable provider’s investment portfolio. Cable companies mainly provide low quality entertainment for the maximum price, your minds. Trance out and cut the cord.

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