Food Adulteration, Together, We Can Stop It! Part One


Vernon Bowman-Farmer-Ballsy


Justice Thomas-Gutsy-Disambiguation

The Supreme Court hearing in our nation’s capital involves genetically altered seeds. It’s an Indiana soybean farmer (a David/Vernon Bowman) versus Monsanto (a Goliath) in a battle for truth and justice. Monsanto is a worldwide agricultural biotechnology corporation with revenue over 12 billion dollars a year. This case is an appeal to the highest court because Monsanto already sued the farmer and won an $84,000 judgement. The farmer purchased seeds from a neighbor farmer. Those seeds were a later generation of seeds the neighbor originally purchased from Monsanto. Monsanto is saying that any seeds coming from plants from the original seeds are still owned by Monsanto. So no matter how many generations of seeds from the original planting, Monsanto owns everything.

Not only is the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) behind Monsanto in this case but so is the Obama administration. A comment was made by one of the supreme court judges that if seeds blew over from a Monsanto field to a non-Monsanto wouldn’t that make the farmer infringe on the Monsanto patent? It’s almost like Monsanto should be declared a god in the eyes of the government and themselves. Since Justice Thomas was once a lawyer for Monsanto don’t you think he should have opted out of this case? Have you read any newspapers that wrote about this serious conflict of interest?


Catchy, Like A Terminal Illness

This disgusting situation that occurs throughout the agriculture/food industry is rooted in money and greed. Manufacturers claims we need to feed the world so we must have genetically modified seeds to meet this goal. Seeds were given patents so only Monsanto would have the right to sell them over the duration of the patent life. After the plants are harvested, any seeds that are given off by the plants are still owned by Monsanto. The farmer is not allowed to sell the seeds nor use the next generation of seeds again. Every year, Monsanto sells farmers new seeds with higher and higher price tags. In addition, they must buy other products that Monsanto sells that goes hand in hand with the seeds like herbicides and insecticides.

Let’s take a look at Monsanto and their track record.

sweet n lowpackets

Packets of Pink Poison

Saccharin, Sweet N’ Low, the “pink packet” was put out by them in 1902. U.S. government tried to get it off the market many times but failed. Since there are much safer alternatives to saccharin, why is this petrochemical (derived from petroleum) derived sweetener still available? More important question is why do we still purchase this garbage?


Corporate America Destroying America

In 1929,  Monsanto starts producing PCB’s (polychlorinated biphenyls), a chemical that still contaminants everything on this earth including us. Records show that Monsanto knew in the late 30’s that this chemical was highly toxic and was being dumped into the environment. PCB’s raise havoc with reproductive organs, nervous, immune and hormonal systems. It is a very potent carcinogen. Eventually Monsanto was found guilty of lying and hiding the truth of the toxicity of PCB’s. The U.S finally banned them, 50 years later in 1979.


What A Great Marketing Slogan!

In 1944, Monsanto came out with the infamous DDT. It was used as an insect killer, mainly against the mosquito. DDT is toxic to our genetic material, disrupts our hormones and cause diabetes.


Ukrainian President Poisoned By Opponents With Dioxin

In 1945, another wonder chemical called dioxin was let out by Monsanto. It is highly toxic to all the systems in the body leading to a high risk of cancer.


High Amounts Of Dioxin In Agent Orange-Horrendous!

Then in 1961-1971, Agent Orange made by Monsanto was used during the Vietnam Way and contained dioxin. It was used in the war for killing plants/trees as a herbicide so the enemy could be more easily seen by the troops. The problem was that U.S. soldiers were breathing, eating and sleeping where they were spraying, Agent Orange. Toxic as it was, the chemical also contained very high levels of dioxin. Agent Orange ending up contaminating about 8 million people, causing 400,000 disabilities and eliminating 500,000 lives. When Monsanto sold it to the U.S. military, the company the toxic effects in humans.


Roundup More Profits In Lieu Of A Clean Environment

Monsanto came up out with Roundup in 1976. This ingredient is highly toxic to humans and animals but great at killing weeds. Today, it’s the world’s biggest selling herbicide.

BGH Posilac

Trust Me, Increase Milk Production Up To 15%

In 1994, Monsanto came out with a hormone that is given to cows to increase the production of milk. It was called bovine growth hormone (BGH). It causes mastitis in cows. This is inflammation in the breast tissues. It was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) without any long-term studies of its negative effects on cows. Since then sales of organic milk has increased over 500% in the markets. People do not trust Monsanto. In addition, BGH stresses cows out with mastitis which lowers their milk production. It is then treated with antibiotics. 80% of the antibiotics that are dispensed in the United States are given to animals.

Alternatives to regular milk are organic milk, soy milk and almond milk.


When You See This Logo Move Away

Now we come to genetically modified foods which are made with GMO crops. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. They are modified on the gene (genetic material) level. Monsanto controls most of the GMO market. They sell these GMO seeds to all their competitors. The seed market is composed of Monsanto, DuPont, Bayer, Dow and Syngenta. So the non-modified seed market companies in themselves are a monopoly.

watchout monsanto

Take Them Out Of Control-We Can Do It!

98% of all GMO soybeans is from Monsanto. 79% of all GMO corn is from Monsanto. Their other crop is rapeseed which is used to make canola oil. They also sell 90% of the “Roundup Ready” crops. These are plants that are genetically modified to resist Roundup when it’s sprayed in the fields to kill weeds. These crops are sugar beets, cotton, soybeans and corn.

Here are my issues with Monsanto:

Monsanto has a gross track record of contamination, environmental destruction, human mortality and  human morbidity over the last 112 years. They have become a monopoly with regard to “Roundup Ready” seeds throughout the world. They are also a monopoly on GMO soybeans, corn and cotton throughout the world. In the best case scenario that all these genetic modified seeds are safe, we are still doing ourselves a disservice by purchasing any of their GMO products. Why? They are significantly increasing the prices of the seeds every year to the farmers. This means higher and higher prices for the consumer. They are curtailing any competition in the field. That would suppress agricultural innovation. If something goes wrong with a particular crop like a blight (disease), there are few alternative types of different seeds available because of Monsanto. They continue to destroy any competition.

Look up the “terminator seed” by Monsanto. This will really scare the hell out of you. It has been rumored to have been used by farmers in India with drastic consequences.

Important points about foods:

1. Please look closely at labels, especially the back of the product.

2. Take back our world from these food corporations that only look at their bottom line. To them, nothing else matters. Health is unimportant. Their marketing will try to convince you otherwise. Remember all marketers all liars. Please don’t depend on them to tell you why their product is great.

3. Do not purchase any GMO products or any milk produced with BGH. I buy no-sugar added almond milk. There are many other alternatives including organic milk products.

4. We have the control. If you don’t purchase the items they can’t make money. In fact, they will start decreasing sales and losing money.

5. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is a joke that should be abolished. It doesn’t protect the American consumer. It buddies closely with industry who controls it’s every move. Don’t trust them to protect you. The only protection that you have is yourself as an informed consumer.


Will These Foods Will Be Safe Over The Long Term? No One Knows

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