Faucet To Bottle, Health Benefits Or Marketing Hype Of “Pure” Water?

Water, water, everywhere! Where it comes from, I do care!


Is Your Tap Water Good Enough To Repackage*

We depend not only on the water quality, but the pipes that carry this life-quenching liquid to our homes.

Drinking bottled water feels so protective. We have been led to believe that what flows out of our tap is chemically unsafe and toxic.

Packaged in those pretty containers and tasting so good chilled, isn’t reason enough to buy these leaching toxic polystyrene bottles. We hand over our hard-earned cash to the manufacturers for their supposed “liquid gold”. The majority of this water has not been verified as pure drinking water. Basing your decision on the label or the manufacturers reputation is not good enough.


Makes Dumps So Colorful

*Find Out The Quality Of Your Tap Water:

Go on the site listed below and look up your specific area’s water quality. You will see a sectioned-off area (mine was on the upper right hand side of the page on my browser) that asks you to put in your zip code and water company. If you don’t remember the name of your water company then just finger-peck in your zip code and it will pull out all your local water companies. Then, choose from that list.


If you need to purchase bottled water, here are the best ones based on the fact that these companies have fully disclosed both treatment information and the sources for their water. They all use advanced techniques for yielding the purest waters.

1. Gerber’s Pure Purified Water

2. Nestle’s Pure Life Purified Water

3. Penta Ultra-Purifed Water

My Personal Solution:

I am going to start filtering my tap water. Also will be purchasing a glass water bottle with a sleeve to protect it from falls to earth. Besides glass, other types are available of inert BPA-free bottles that are either thick plastic material or metal. Glass is my favorite, because it won’t impart any taste to the water.


Stainless Steel Container


Glass Containers With Protective Sleeve

How will I filter my tap water?

Best quality and least expensive are:

1. Clear2O-carafe water pitcher (need a compatible faucet because its hooks up with the carafe)

2. Zero Water ZD-13 (8 cup pitcher) and ZD-10  (10 cup pitcher)

We are human sponges, our adult bodies contain 60% water when fully hydrated. Even the bone and fat within our systems contains 22% and 10% respectively of water. Pure water is one of the biggest priorities to help ensure good health.

Take the time to look up your water utility to see if it meets standards. If you have well water, you need to get a sample to send for safety testing. Need a water filter unit, take a look at online prices and features of what was previously listed in this article. Next, purchase some type of re-usable inert container(s) to take your water outside the home.

Just to learn all this information and disseminate it throughout the world makes me feel better already.

I want to leave you with these disturbing facts.

$15 billion dollars was spent on bottled water yearly as of 2012 in the U.S

$50 billion dollars on global bottled water in 2012.

If tap water was as expensive as the cheapest bottled water your monthly water bill would be about $9,000

50% of the water market is split between Coke and Pepsi.

We discard an average of 167 plastic water bottles per person per year.


Soda Sales Have Been Drastically Dropping So “They” Found A More Profitable Beverage

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