The Hills Have Eyes (potatoes)…Part Of The Deadly Nightshade Family


Potato Eyes Block UV Light

Potatoes want to stay underground. They are the “Kings of Darkness”. The Ozzie Osbourne of the tuber community. Way down in the dirt, these little oval balls of complex carbohydrates are comfortable with a cool and dry environment. Disturb them and they go into a self-protect mode and start producing neurotoxin (solanine). You are no different then the foraging animals that dig them up, consume them ending their brief starchy lives. So, be nice to them. Please keep them in a cool, dry, dark area. Do not keep them in the refrigerator or freezer. Only wash right before using them. Avoid eating potatoes that have soft, wrinkly skin. Like you to buy ORGANIC if possible. It’s number 12 on the dirty dozen list of foods that would be better if organic. No pressure, though.


Green, A Cautionary Flag For Solanine

Green, in a potato is chlorophyll, which is safe to consume. But the more chlorophyll (more green you see) in the potato, the higher the concentration of solanine. This chemical is a neurotoxin (toxic to brain and nervous system). At low doses, it may cause dry mouth, abnormal heart beats and extreme thirst. At higher doses, it triggers hallucinations, confusion and muscular paralysis. Beyond that, if you were 160 lbs, you would have to consume 5 pounds of solanine contaminated potatoes to end up with a lethal dose. So, to end up as a statistic, you would have to consume 1/2 of bathtub worth of mashed potatoes. 🙂 If you see more than a spot of green, toss them in the garbage machine.

Besides white potatoes, other members of the nightshade family include tomato, tomatillo, eggplant, chili pepper, bell pepper and tobacco.

The most popular variety of white is the Russet potato. Nutritional information of the white tubers are fascinating. Although, it lacks vitamin A and D, it has a pretty good assortment of all the rest of the vitamins we need and minerals too. If you added a source of vitamins A and D (fortified dairy), you could survive solely on potatoes. After the potato is cooked, if you let it rest a bit and cool, the amount of potato that is undigested doubles. This is good thing, because the undigested starch acts like a fiber and promotes regularity. In addition, since it goes right out of you, calories don’t end up adding to your daily load.


Off With Their Eyes!!

Potato eyes are just the roots of a potato growing outwards. This usually indicates the potato needs a walker or a wheelchair. It is getting old so cut out the eyes. An older potato has fewer nutrients than a fresh spud.


Red Are Cleaner Than White-Natural Waxy Coating

Red potatoes are lower in calories than white potatoes. The body has a harder time breaking down the structure of the red since it’s a more complicated foodstuff to digest. Reds are also higher in protein than whites. They have less starch and more sugar, so they are sticker. They also have fewer eyes than whites.


Spuds Visually Breathtaking

There are now over 4,000 varieties of potatoes. The rainbow of colors indicates the type of protective pigments that are produced by the spuds. These pigments are all different types of protective antioxidants just like the colors of other produce.


Comfort Food-Steak Fries

You open the door to your home after a hard days work and the aroma of delicious oven fries overtakes your senses. You meet your significant other juggling a communal plate laden with steak fries, some ruby-red ketchup and 2 cold mugs of dark beer. Heaven, for now, has come down to earth.

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