Coffee, Tea and Now ME!


Blogging, A Take-Out Order For Journalistic Fireworks!

The best job in the world is not a job at all, it’s a driving passion to continue looking for what makes your skin tingle. For me, that’s the ability to discover new things or re-discover old topics that have gone through revolutionary changes.


I’m Really Excited To Be Excited

Like a child hitting Disney World for the first time, excitement is fun to spread around to other readers.

I enjoy making practical sense of our world when it comes to nutrition, medication and other topics sometimes way off the beaten path. If I got you to smile, think and look forward to my next collection of words, then I have accomplished what I have set out to do as a writer. I started this blog close to the November ’12 holiday of Thanksgiving. It has meaning to the fact that unemployment has given me the vision, time and energies needed to see clearly from the outside looking into the industrial/retail/service/professional working world. I give thanks for this opportunity.

My Past:

I attended pharmacy school, graduated and became a pharmacist. After a few years, I became bored with the same routine. I wanted more. Since pharmacists knew the most about medications, why weren’t we prescribing? The medical scenario utopia would be that every physician would have a pharmacist partner. Doctors would figure out the problem(s) and the pharmacists would then prescribe the best medication(s) for those problem(s). I just needed that but at the time it was only available in limited settings. So, I decided to go back to college to learn more about nutrition. I always loved the topic. When I was a teenage, my friends thought I was crazy reading college text books on nutrition and feasting my eyes on every issue of Prevention Magazine. I earned an MS in Nutritional Science then was offered a project with a supermarket chain designing a Food/Diet Program for diabetic patients.

My Present:

I always wanted writing and teaching to be part of my professional life. With this technology, I have the entire world as my students.  More than a decade ago, I could never have dreamed up this situation.


We Carry The World In “Our Hands”

If you love what you do, the proof is not only in your work but positive changes in society around you. There are now over 7 million consistent bloggers that are changing our world. I am ecstatic, that I am part of the movement guiding Earth along this positive path. Thank you all, for helping to make this happen!

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