Humor Is Not Only Good Medicine, Sometimes Its The Only Medicine Needed!

Put Three Cats Together With A Feline Dentist And Some Laughing Gas 🙂

I see a world around me where everyone is making a funny face, usually at me. Where nothing is better than giving and receiving a hard belly laugh.

One of my challenges in life is making even the most serious or depressed person,  smile back at me. Sometimes, it almost takes a miracle for a visual prod to breakthrough one’s coma bubble.

I would take a train from Penn Central Station in New York City every day for years. There was a woman, probably in her 50’s, that hosted the ticket booth. She presented herself as a very unhappy individual. On my precious first time encounter with snagglepuss, I crossed my eyes and distorted my mouth as I asked her for a train ticket. She started laughing so hard that her line backed up with annoyed customers. Then, whenever she would see me, her frown would turn upside down and I got to see her pearly whites sandwiched in a smile. The positive feedback was an incredible feeling!

Humor medicine is used to promote good health and increase pain threshold. Laughing will release tension and cause a relaxing feeling to spread throughout the body. Endorphins (runners high) is secreted in higher amounts, in the brain with positive stimulation by comedy club’s comedians, Uncle Don’s naughty but funny jokes, and your cat caught flushing the toilet after business is compete.

As early as the 1200’s, physicians used comedy to divert patients attention from pain involved during surgery. In the 1980’s, Norman Cousins, a former editor of now defunct Saturday Review Magazine, did research with comedy and disease. His claims of curing his “disease” with laughter sparked the growth of comedy clubs all over the US. Whether Mr. Cousin’s claims are true or not, laughter makes the body feel so much better.

I have a few questions. Hope you have the answers.

Why Do Guys Not Girls Love These Numbskulls?

Why Does Almost Everyone Love This Crazy Redhead?

You can help change the word with laughter. If nothing else works, always try bringing comedy to the table. It may help to make an unsolvable situation resolvable. Worst case scenario, it takes the pressure off and diverts attention. I say keep smiling or else…:-)

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