Just Because It’s “Natural” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean It’s Good For You



I had enlisted, during my teenage years, a fascination for plants. At college, my dorm room was a very small hole made of cement blocks (cinder blocks) with a suspended ceiling. I wanted to turn what looked like a prison cell, into a welcome home space after a long day in class. Plants came to my rescue. They enabled me to turn the place into botanical paradise. On the floor, in containers, lived a rubber plant, Norfolk pine, enormous jade plant, barrel cactus, sago palm and other breathing greenery that have long vanished from my memory. From the ceiling, you would experience hanging Boston ferns, spider plants, English ivy and other visual delights that lowered both the heart rate and blood pressure.



The growing green crowd, needed more sun than my lair’s window would allow to peek into the room.  Numerous plant lights beamed their visible photons warming my little oxygen generators.  One night, a knock on the door from the an upperclassman whose responsibility was to look after things at the dorm. The powers that be, thought I was growing marijuana, because of all the grow lights. He had stopped by to perform a through check for illegal contraband. After the search, he apologized and asked me, what the deal was with all these plants. I told him that was how I de-stressed at the end of the day. After he left, I wondered how much the electric bill went up after I turned on my plant light show.

The business of today’s blog is a fascinating book. A bit weird but incredibly interesting and called:

Wicked Plants: A Book of Botanical Atrocities by Amy Stewart

What you don’t know can harm or kill you.  That also goes for your pet too since they are sometimes not as fussy for what goes in their mouths. Again, natural, doesn’t necessarily mean good.

This clip is fascinating from the author (Amy Stewart) speaking about Wicked Plants. You can also get this as an audio book for your trip to work or as an e-book.

Fill your head with more knowledge. It makes a body feel good.

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