Wal-Mart, Respect …Yourself!!!! Treat Onto Others As You Would Have Them Treat Onto You!

“If we work together we will lower the cost of living for everyone. We will give the world an opportunity to see what its like to save and have a better life.” ~ Sam Walton (founder of Walmart & Sam’s Club.)

Human respect has been making a disappearing act in the corporate offices of large retailers in the United States. Case in point, Wal-Mart and its major disrespect of the associates that make it happen for them.

Mr. Michael Duke (Wal-Mart C.E.O), do you realize that your employees end up spending most of the money earned from their paychecks back into your stores? Why do you start most employees at $8.75/hr, including Sam’s Club subsidiaries?
Mr. Duke earned about $18 million in 2011.

A Wal-Mart employee that starts off at $8.75/hr makes about $15,015 per year. Why? Because many employees don’t get enough hours on average to keep them at full-time status. Isn’t it interesting that Wal-Mart’s “full-time” status is 34 hours or more per week? They don’t want most employees to have full-time positions, dramatically decreasing the cost of benefits to the company… so many of the associates are at 33 hours or less per week. To arrive at the dollar yearly figure above just multiply 33 hours x $8.75 x 52 weeks = $15,015!!!

Ms. Christy Walton, why does a substantial number of Wal-Mart associates earn below the poverty line?
Christy Walton’s net worth from Forbes Magazine is $27 billion.

In 2012, for a family of four, poverty is defined at less than $23,050. So now taxpayers must make up the difference with both the sub-standard wages and the horrific medical benefits package.

Mr. Jim Walton, please help me to understand why 70% of your employees can’t even last a year?
Jim Walton’s net worth from Forbes Magazine is $26 billion.

Costco can make a significant profit, retain a high percentage of long-term employees, treat their members/employees with respect and give the associates a livable wage and great benefits package.

Ms. Alice Walton, did you know if each Wal-Mart shopper paid an extra $17.73 per year right to workers wages, it would boost all of your lowest paid employees above the poverty line?
Alice Walton’s net worth from Forbes Magazine is $26 billion.

Mr. S Robson Walton, how can you justify treating your workers like widgets which I think of as legal slavery? Rationalize or spin it any way you want but the working conditions, lack of empathy, low wages and meager benefits at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club is a pathetic situation. Humanity needs to be restored.
S Robson Walton’s Net worth from Forbes Magazine is $26 billion.

I am boycotting Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club and all corporate retailers that follow this twisted form of business practice. I hope you will do the same. If you think you are getting cheaper prices at Wal-Mart, think again. We are subsidizing many of their workers through federal and state programs because of their low wages and benefits. Not only are they disrespecting their employees they are also spitting in the faces of their customers with the illusion of a better price.

It’s time for a new way.

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  1. Boo Walmart!
    I know what it’s like to be poor and so the lure of low prices is tough. But if the middle and upper class could boycott these places it would help. Meanwhile, this will reduce employee hours even more…leading to layoffs…store closures…when does the boycott pay off?


    • Sure, I understand that feeling. I don’t believe that Walmart is stupid enough to cut hours and employees or close more stores than normal. They will eventually bend under consumer pressure forcing them to do the right thing. Their prices are not even that low any longer. Check the dollar stores, Kmart, Target and Kohls. You may be surprised that many items are as low or lower there. Walmart is more talk with prices (marketing) than actions.


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