The Dollar And Where the U.S. Is Headed Financially For the 2020’s? Part 2

The question you need to ask yourself is where is the dollar heading? We are still the reserve currency of the world. That means that almost every other currency throughout the world is tethered to the dollar. And why is the dollar still ok? Because within the currency basket of dirty laundry like the sterling, euro, yuan, etc. the dollar is the cleanest. Call it the best of the worst.

Going back to (Tricky Dick) President Richard Nixon, Watergate was only the tip of the iceberg for that corrupt, vulgar drunk. When he took us off gold backing the dollar in 1971 (please see my previous work in Part 1), he broke the worldwide Bretton Woods, New Hampshire agreement that the dollar was anchored to gold. Since all the other currencies throughout the world were hooked to the dollar, this helped to prevent other countries from just printing up monies to infinity. When Nixon severed our dollars from the gold standard, “real money” reality was lost and our government went off the deep end, accelerating the printing of currency out of thin air with nothing backing it.

Every country is following the U.S. example of just printing up more and more of their bills with the only backing is that particular government’s promise to hold their currency solvent. This causes inflation, which really is a hidden tax. So the more money printing, the less valuable the dollars you hold become within your savings, checking, pension, etc. Never in world history has every nation on the face of the Earth printed up so much paper and digital currency to place the entire globe into such worldwide debt that is beyond multi-generational time span to even try to fix.


which shows the US in debt what consumers owe almost $29 TRILLION DOLLARS ($29,000,000,000,000) as of Sept. 2021. Something incredibly revealing on this site is found on the extreme right column. Notice what the dollar is worth relative to silver and gold. The price that one ounce of either silver or gold are sold throughout the would is called the “spot” price. Currently spot price for for 1 oz. of silver is $23 and that of gold. per ounce is $1,757. From the governments own statistics on for what silver and gold are really worth based on the dollar’s worth is $2,894 per ounce of silver and gold is $20,298. Why the discrepancy? Because the government is manipulating prices of precious metals to keep the dollar stable. Therefore silver is undervalued by at least $2,971 per ounce and gold is undervalued by $18,541 per ounce. These numbers are from the government site above observed on 09/24/21. An opportunity?? In my opinion, silver is one of the most undervalued of all the precious metals.

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You can buy precious metals online and let the company ( hold/secure your coins. There is an additional fee quarterly to audit and secure your metals. The cost is exceedingly low versus any other site.

This is a way for you to start working on a Plan B to diversify from the dollar into precious metals. Since these metals are highly undervalued, they will protect against inflation, eventually significantly increasing in value over the years. They also are a store of wealth. Precious metals were held as stable money for over 5,000 years with overwhelming success. They allow for bartering, if necessary, for goods or services if times get tough. This means if our currency becomes total garbage due to inflation.

You need to protect your currency beyond what banks are claiming they protect for you. Dollars are not truly protected in a bank or credit union. Yes, FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) supposedly insures your account for up to $250,000. Problem is, if all the banks start to fail, game over for the security of your held funds within the banking system. There is also a risk for bank credit unions because they depend on the stability of banks for their liquidity. In this case, if something goes terribly wrong in the banking system, FDIC may give you a few pennies on each of your dollars, maybe. As it exists today, FDIC is not in good financial standings. So if one of the major banks (Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JP Morgan, etc.) goes bankrupt, the rest may follow down like dominos. FDIC insurance then becomes overwhelmed and completely worthless.

Your monies are free to steal by the banks which also includes safety deposit boxes. Take a read of the article below:

Negate all that I said in the paragraphs above considering online holding of metals, IF, you have a secure site able to store your coins in a waterproof, fireproof heavy safe. Do it!! Because many in the precious metals industry say, “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. You DO NOT want to store the coins in a bank deposit box!!

The reason I recommend is that this may be the next best thing to holding the metals. Everything we do comes with risks. Everyone has to deep think what’s best for them based on the pros and cons for their individual situations.

My Plan B is start investing in silver and automate the process on the site given above. You can have them purchase so much worth of the metal monthly taken out of your bank account. If you have a secure place to store precious metals, do do!

I have decided to continue this series into Part 3, where I will speak about the importance of owning some cryptocurrencies. The downside is that many of these thousands of different virtual coins may go to zero. The positive side of this investment is that you maybe able to generate life changing wealth in a short period of time defined as 3-5 years.

Thank you for taking the time to read my work. I’m passionate about helping you protect yourself now and in the future from serious problems in our financial systems worldwide.

Please take care of yourself and stay safe.

Shout out to Jason Leung for the currency graphic used for this article. Appreciate you Jason.

I am not a financial planner nor do I know your specific financial situation. This is for education and entertainment purposes only. Please do your due diligence and dig deep into my major points within this article.

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  1. Great articles, Rob. Sound research and it just makes common sense to reserve a portion of your portfolio in hard assets. Thanks again!

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