Presidential Candidates For 2016

We are viewing what is a transition for both the Democratic and Republican parties. They have both be ineffective for more than 25 years in making American greater. They haven’t be able to do what politicians are supposed to do best. That is, negotiate, facilitate and come to a happy medium. Rather than being our public servants, they are trying to make U.S. citizens into their slaves.

Mr. Trump is the perfect example of why the status quo no longer works. All his Republican competitors fell by the wayside. Why? Because the American public no longer believes that the party is good for America. They elected a businessman, rather than putting in one of the same sorry robots from the old network of politics as usual. The Elephant Party must dramatically change or risk evaporating from the American scene. Imagine voting for the “Donald” because he is the best of the worst. That is the rationale for many Americans in this 2016 election.

Ms. Clinton is attracting citizens that want to vote for a woman. Also that stanch Democratic that will stick with the party, no matter what!! The past has proved that something stinks past the rancid point with the Donkey Party. This party no longer works for America. It works against all that this country was initially conceived. Hillary is also getting voters that are scared of Donald Trump. Their perspective is that Hillary is the best of the worst.

Both parties just keep mud-slinging, thus avoiding the real issues. Why are they wasting time with drama, rather than giving possible solutions to the pertinent problems facing our population. It’s gotten almost as bad as watching Kardashian reruns.

But there is a breath of fresh air with viable third-party candidates.

My focus is on Mr. Gary Johnson. He is the former Governor of New Mexico for two terms. He was called the “Veto Governor.” During his tenure in office, he vetoed 750 bills that were passed by the legislature. He did this to make government smaller and less intrusive. In addition, he cut taxes significantly and improved the schooling system. He left office with a BILLION DOLLAR surplus in the treasury budget. He believes that cannabis should be made federally legal and uncategorized.

Mr. Johnson’s running mate for vice president is Mr. Bill Weld. Mr. Weld was a two-term successful governor of Massachusetts. His past experience also includes being a district attorney and top official in the Criminal Justice Division of the Justice Department. Weld believes in the same principles as Mr. Johnson.

After watching their interview with Mr. Anderson Cooper, I see them as a 1-2 punch. They remind me of President Teddy Roosevelt. They walk the talk proved by their past in politics.I have included the link of the interview with Mr. Cooper below:



Google each of them to learn more.

Any input would be greatly appreciated on these candidates.


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