Love, It Takes “Two” Baby

You just know when you meet the “right” person. Attraction is not only physical but a bond forms that breeds a deeper connection. When it comes down to it, the inner core of individuals in love will help make the relationship last a lifetime. Soul mates is another way of saying that we connect in ways that only a higher power can assimilate.

Another important factor in coupling of two is mental stability. We all have different degrees of dysfunction. Demons in our head is something we have to deal with together. Making those bruises of our past heal requires communication, which includes listening to your significant other. You need to help your mate through the legacy from both parents and past relationships. If you have been dealt a bad hand, these cards need to be slowly thrown aside. Choosing to make positive changes as you again shuffle the deck. Playing together gives each member a much better chance of neutralizing those demons. Mental healing of both parties allows love to grow and flourish.

Nothing is ever 50% but love allows for great deviations from that percentage. Both are willing to do what is necessary to make the coupling work.

For a relationship to continue to blossom, both parties need to reach out for each other. One-sided connections will fizzle over the short run because one partner feels the other doesn’t care as much for the desired love.

There is a phenomena called “The Wave” where one member starts distancing themselves from the other. This can destroy a blossoming relationship. This syndrome occurs because one member is too available, open and decent. The other member starts diminishing the other person’s value by pushing them away. Sometimes communication is completely cut off on one end. Reason being that this “special person” has tapped into the other persons inner secrets. When demons of the past are exposed, the unconscious brain panics and the person runs away out of fear. If you give into the “The Wave” then one will fall out of love before they fall properly into love. This is very tragic situation. Love involves a leap of faith. This is very scary thing for most individuals. If this ” Wave” isn’t dealt with in the present, it will continue to haunt any future relationships.

Renovating Your Mind would like to thank Mr. Ken Page, L.C.S.W., for his advice. He is New York based psychotherapist, author and lecturer specializing in the search for intimacy. You will find his article on “The Wave below:

The Wave: The Single Greatest Threat To New Relationships

“It Takes Two”
(Marvin Gaye Lyrics)

(Sung by Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston)

[Her:] One can have a dream, baby
[Him:] Two can make that dream so real
[Her:] One can talk about bein’ in love
[Him:] Two can say how it really feels
[Her:] One can wish upon a star
[Him:] Two can make that wish come true, yeah
[Her:] One can stand alone in the dark
[Him:] Two can make the light shine through

[Chorus (Both):]
It takes two, baby
It takes two, baby
Me and you, just takes two
It takes two, baby
It takes two, baby
To make a dream come true, just takes two
[Her:] One can have a broken heart, living in misery
[Him:] Two can really ease the pain like a perfect remedy
[Her:] One can be alone in a car, on a night like these all alone
[Him:] Two can make just any place seem just like being’ at home Just takes two, just takes two
[Her:] One can go out to a movie, looking’ for a special treat
[Him:] Two can make that single movie something’ really kinda sweet
[Her:] One can take a walk in the moonlight, thinking’ that it’s really nice
[Him:] But two walking’ hand-in-hand is like adding’ just a pinch of spice

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