CVS Finally Has A Reason To Change Its Name To CVS Health

CVS-pharmacy-signConsumer Value Stores (CVS) have stopped the sale of all tobacco products. They will sacrifice 2 billion dollars in yearly sales by kicking nicotine out their doors. Corporate is trying to differentiate itself from other competitors like Walgreens and Rite Aid. Studies conducted in Boston and San Francisco, showed that when pharmacies ceased sale of tobacco products, over 13% of people stopped smoking. My thoughts are that company executives at CVS felt that “marketing” a healthier pharmacy is worth more than a few billion yearly in tobacco sales.

CVS have also banned any types of e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) which operate on cartridges that contain nicotine.

walgreens-free-standing-signWalgreens, which has the most pharmacies in the country, say that stopping the sale of these products will do little to deter patients from kicking the habit. That’s just rhetoric for their continuation of a significant conflict of interest to help the community maintain a healthy lifestyle. Walgreen’s spokesman, Jim Cohn said, “We believe that if the goal is to truly reduce tobacco use in America, then the most effective thing retail pharmacies can do is address the root causes and help smokers quit.” Bottom line, Walgreens will continue to make money selling products that cause lung diseases and cancer.

I’m sure that Walgreens will be more than happy to provide CVS customers with the nicotine products they need to fuel their dangerous addiction.


Over 160,000 people in the US will die each year from lung cancer. It’s the leading cause of cancer and the most preventable form of cancer throughout the world. Companies that sell these products really “care” about your future health. Not!

The more inconvenient you make it for smokers to purchase and use the product, the more chances that person is given another reason to quit. So the more places that ban the sale of these toxic products, the better for all of society including non-smokers.

Imagine selling alcohol products, which are available in most chain pharmacies, and then leasing out a place in the store for AA Meetings. So you can either knock down a couple before or after the meeting. How can pharmacies continue to rationalize selling these foul nicotine products and also promote items for smoking cessation. Then the same drugstores have the audacity to have a pharmacy in the back stocking expensive prescription medication for lung cancer. Isn’t pharmacy a “health” profession?

This is another reason to patronize your local pharmacy. You stand a better chance at a higher quality and quantity of services. Most small pharmacies that really prioritize your health don’t carry toxic nicotine products.

Lung cancer is a terrible disease. How can a healthcare facility encourage the purchase of these products? CVS is doing the right thing. They are starting a positive trend that other chain pharmacies will be forced to follow in order to maintain their “healthy lifestyle” marketing credibility.


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