Diet Soda, A Good Nutritional Replacement For Regular Soda?


Are you kidding me? Manufacturers replace the corn syrup with non-sugar substitutes making you think diet soda is better for you. It’s just as bad. Maybe worse over the long term than conventional soda.


My friends, you are consuming a toxic dump of liquid conveniently available in cans. Remains of those sticky containers became their own noxious garbage, littering waste drop-offs and strewn all over roadways.

On the ingredient labeling, see listing of phosphoric acid, which is used to prevent bacterial contamination. It also acidifies the product giving it a sharper, cleaner taste. One of the problems with this acidic chemical is a process called leaching. The longer the soda sits on the shelf, the more “this process” allows components of the container to become part of the soda. The same occurs with both sugar and sugar-free varieties.

The bubbles you see floating around the sweet liquid is carbon dioxide. The stuff that sometimes shoots up your mouth into your nose and then plummets the wrong way down your throat. Carbon dioxide is the waste material we give off when we exhale. This ingredient also aids in leaching more of the container into the soda.

Purchase the same carbonated brand product in a can and also in a glass bottle. The taste difference is dramatic when glass is used as the container. Glass is stable. Therefore, the taste of the soda isn’t compromised by the packaging. Glass will not leach ingredients into the product. A glass product is a “safer” way to purchase these items.

This is not true with plastic or cans. In fact, severe temperature changes during transportation/storage and low product turnover (sitting on shelve for lengthy periods) encourages more harmful ingredients to be leached from the container to the soda.

Plastic is a petroleum by-product. Some of the ingredients in the plastic that get unleashed into the soda are hormone interrupters. They sit on sites where your sex hormones normally attach and may cause long term health adverse effects. This may result in diabetes and cancer.

Diet soda is shown to cause weight gain. When taste buds sense sweetness, signals are sent to the brain. The message is sent to the body to increase stomach acid getting into gear for the digestion of food. What ultimately arrives is colored, flavored, sweetened, carbonated water they has almost no calories. This sets the satiety hormones in disarray. Ultimately, test subjects on diet soda gained more weight. They ended up consuming more calories than those gulping down soda pop with real sugar.

The body develops tolerance to sugar-free carbonation drinks just like that of cocaine, opioid drugs (pain medications that cause severe addiction) or amphetamines. In factor they all trigger the pleasure center of the brain. This tolerance encourages higher amounts to get the same effect.

Our system senses what it thinks are calories through the tongue. It picks up the fact that we are trying to fake it. The body will then increase food consumption above normal to make up for the deficit. Our genetics are always thinking starvation no matter how obese and throttles up on hormones that will significantly increase caloric intake. So the obese, will get more obese even on diet soda.

In 2011, at the University of Texas Health Science Center, a study over ten years, showed those on diet compared to regular soda developed a 70% greater increase in waist size. Those consuming the highest amount of diet developed girths that were 500% wider than regular (sugar) soda.


Don’t forget the artificial colors and flavors that are dumped into each 8 oz dose of bubbly ecstasy. They magically change the product into one with a “natural taste” and authentic “colors.” That is what the marketing department claims as their Pinocchio noses grow longer every profitable sales quarter.

So what do we use in lieu of soda?

Alternatives are:

  • Coffee, hot or iced
  • Flavor water with a squeeze of citrus fruit. Organic, if possible especially if you use the rind.
  • Seltzer Water (contains no sodium) versus club soda (contains salt)
  • Tea, hot or iced
  • Water

junk-food-liquid-candy-hits-early-in the-genetic-pool-adam-eve-getting-down-with-frito-lay-and-coke

If Our Ancestors Started With Junk. Looking To Get Lucky With That Lays Bag?

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