It’s NUTS, If You’re Looking For An Attraction That Goes Beyond The Taste!

female-posing-with-walnuts-for-eyes-she-is-NUTSYou have to love that crunchy mouthfeel of those different shapes getting masticated by your pearly whites. Wholesome nutrients contained within nuggets will keep you satisfied for a long time. It’s a non-messy, portable way to get healthy calories especially if your stuck in a foodless environment.

Nuts add a healthy dose of beneficial fats, fiber and macro/micronutrients.

Macronutrients are protein, fat and carbohydrates. They are what we depend on to help us grow, maintain health and heal our body. They are required in large amounts daily.

Then there are the micronutrients. These are necessary components of the diet required in smaller amounts consisting of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants. They are the cog wheels that work within the human machinery keeping us healthy. Loss or deficiency of any one of these factors can slow down or even halt human processes.

The entire family of nuts is composed of legumes (beans), nuts and fruits. An example of a legume is peanuts. It comes from underground, unlike most tree nuts. Most nuts are just dried seeds with fruit inside, the edible part that makes up a healthy diet.

Squirrel Up On Nuts

squirrel-up-on-nuts-havingRenovating Your Mind found a study found in the Annuals of Internal Medicine, July 1992 showed patients consuming nuts from 1-4 times weekly exhibited a 75% lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Other research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, November 2013, showed lowered rates of heart disease, cancer and lesser body weight (decreased belly fat). This Harvard University study observed 100,000 subjects over three decades for that concluded health benefit.




One of the theories is that nuts causes the opening of blood vessels. A component of nuts, arginine (amino acid) turns into nitric oxide. This will relax blood vessels taking the pressure down and allowing blood to circulate much more easily. In addition, other ingredients in nuts like beneficial fats/antioxidant will help to lower cholesterol and decrease inflammation throughout the body.

This is a winning combination to help stall disease and keep you in great health.

About a handful a day will help keep that doctor away. Your goal is trying to work into your diet an ounce of the mixed, unsalted variety, which is roughly 160 calories.

I also recommend the largest possible variety of produce consumption every single day.

The quality “good eats” are not found in the majority of supermarket selections. The magical gifts of fruits and vegetables are from the stores of Mother Nature. Food stuffs delivered right from the field contain thousands of beneficial ingredients to help maintain quality of life.

Join a food co-op. Find an organic market close by your home. Patronize local farmers with their produce in supermarket stores.

Help to make the organic movement continue to explode throughout the country. It’s what good for you, your family and the health of society.

male-has-nut-in-mouth-is absolutely-nuts

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  1. I snack on unsalted almonds at work. I’m going to incorporate more variety now. Thanks!


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