Seinfeld’s Cast-Specifically Cosmo Kramer, Via Michael Richards Is One Of Most Undervalued Comedians That Have Graced Our Lives


Kramer, Jerry, George and Elaine turned our lives into one big laugh festival on TV for a decade. Some critics, say the show was a complete waste of time. Renovating Your Mind sees it as an escape into the crazy dysfunctional world of a bunch of loveable whack jobs.

When you smile or laugh the body produces beneficial chemicals that promote health. The show was and continues to be therapy for the billions of depressed people throughout the world. The process of seeing something that makes you crack up reduces stress, allows relaxation and generates the squirting out of endorphins.

Endorphins are self-generated chemicals from the brain and nervous system that induce euphoric effects. Other situations that promote these “pleasure chemicals” within are satisfying sex, massage, running (runners high) and eating extremely spicy (hot) foods.


My favorite character on Seinfeld is the highly dysfunctional Cosmo “insane”  Kram. In real life, Michael Richards is a casual, intellectual guy.

Mr. Richards is one of the reasons I watched Seinfeld, and continue viewing reruns.

In 2006, he made a bad judgement call when he was featured at a LA comedy club. After being heckled by the audience, he started spewing out nasty racial comments. Michael went off into rant for a number of minutes. People started walking out of the show. Eventually Michael walked off the stage. This event haunted him for years.

In ’12, Jerry Seinfeld created a short show on Crackle (site for online shows and movies) called Comedians In Cars Getting CoffeeThis episode shows how sorry Michael was for the unfortunate comedy club event that occurred in ’06. Watch it to the end because he’s a fascinating guy. Here is the link:

It’s Bubbly Time Jerry

My thoughts even went out further for Mr. Richards after reading a column he had written that appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Hook up with the article here:

Kramer And The Smell Of The Beach

Michael Richards just made a mistake like anyone of us. Unfortunately because of his celebrity status, it came down much harder on him.

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” If you do decide to cast, make sure your house isn’t made of glass.

Comedy makes us feel better in so many way. It boosts the quality of our lives. Michael Richards has the unique talent of making us feel better by being an amazing laughter magnet.

Please check him out as Frank in the TV Land sitcom, Kirstie.

Thank you Michael for making myself and millions of others throughout the world laugh our asses off. You are an amazing person. Continued success buddy.


Photo credit: Courtesy of Wikipedia per National Broadcasting Corporation

Photo credit: Alan Light / Foter / CC BY

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Video credit: Mr. Jerry Seinfeld, creator of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Print credit: Wall Street Journal

Thanks everyone.

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  1. I loved that show and he was my favorite character as well. I hope to find Seinfeld is on Netflix! Need endorphins generated now.

    I also hope Mr.Richards sees this beautiful tribute. I hate public shaming. He without sin can throw the first stone!


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