Get Ready For Fireworks As The Feds Explode Healthcare Costs For Taxpayers In The Future


Our government passes off this rosy picture of the new health system that critics label as “Obama Care”. As of Jan. 2013, 33,000 pages of regulations and the book continues to increase in volume.

Feds say that everyone is “entitled” to health care. Renovating Your Mind agrees with this statement. Unfortunately, when politics get embedded into a system what comes out is usually more expensive and corrupt.

Where will this take the future of health care in the U.S.? Our government is performing an enormous experiment with the lives of millions of Americans. Both our health and our dwindling pay are at serious risk!

How did past federal government experiments turn out? Consider public education, our taxing structure, Social Security, Medicade, Medicare, and the most relevant, VA hospitals, for evidence of system mishaps and failures.

Take a look at the Veterans Administration (VA) Health System. There is a different set of rules that the government plays by in these “institutions.” None of the staff at the VA are ever incompetent. Why? Military personnel can never sue a VA doctor if there is an error that causes harm or death. Government just doesn’t allow it. Another problem is the length of time it takes to get an appointment at the VA. Sometimes forever! How close will they allow issues in the medical community to resemble what insanity goes on in their own federal facilities with “Obama Care”?

If every healthcare professional is even more stressed out, fragmented, underpaid, etc. where is the incentive to give out “quality care.” Ever heard of conveyor-belt medicine? Fast visits and lower costs are of highest priority. Is there any incentive to really care about the patient?


Everybody gets coverage, right? It doesn’t matter what your age, socioeconomic level or previous medical condition(s). All citizens are entitled to health care, no matter what. If you don’t have medical insurance, then get penalized with a fine coming out of your tax refund. Think George Orwell, “1984” or even Ayn Rand with “Atlas Shrugged.”atlas-shrugged-ayn-rand-statueatlas-shrugged-ayn-rand-statue

How many millions may not be paying into the system?

Heads Up!

What about these exempted groups:

  • prisoners
  • land occupiers that are not citizens
  • unemployed
  • citizens not paying taxes because they don’t make enough money
  • Individuals that work under the table
  • citizens making under the poverty level of income
  • those forced onto health insurance exchange plans

So the government pays for all the above that can’t or don’t pay into the system. Meaning “we” pay for all the above groups. We can’t even pay off the interest on the national debt with all our taxes.

Major companies like Walgreens, IBM, Home Depot, etc, are placing their employees on health exchange programs initiating Jan. ’14. So corporate America continues to lower support to their own employees. We are keeping corporate America’s health care costs in check by extending our wallets. First it was the pensions (401K) and now health care.

I think that each retail store in the U.S. should have a tip container at every register. So go ahead, Walmart, Walgreens, Home Depot, etc. please encourage all your employees to beg for tips. Don’t you want us to help you in also subsidizing your employee’s salary in addition to their future health care costs?

Renovating Your Mind will not patronize any corporate establishments that put their employees on health insurance exchanges.

Please make sure you click on My Donation button because I need it more than Walgreens, Walmart, Darden’s, etc.

How much is enough? How many billions more do you in corporate America need to be “successful”?

I encourage all my readers to try your best to not visit stores that abuse both their employees and all tax paying U.S citizens. Think you are paying cheaper prices at some of these establishments? Our increasing tax base is supporting what these companies refuse to pay their associates. Now they are putting the burden of health care on the shoulders of their associates as well as the citizens of this great country.

Stop donating to their cause by not patronizing their stores. Make it hurt where it counts, their profits.

Please check out a link of a previous article on Walmart and how they abuse everyone:

Walmart, Treat Others As You Would Have Them Treat You


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