Stimulation Is Needed…But Only The Right Stimulation Is Essential For Optimum Health

Renovating Your Mind thinks that people sometimes feel so isolated from each other. Especially the individuals that talk to themselves. They are doing it for self-stimulation.


I was seated at a restaurant when a male in his 30’s entered into the room. He was shown to his table. He was talking to himself. At first I thought he may have on a cellular device, but there was none. He was questioning his mind and responding back quite emotionally. At first, he was completely in a self-absorbed bubble where folks socializing outside of his little world were non-existent. All of a sudden, he saw that my gaze had penetrated his private “space”. He didn’t ask me in and wasn’t liking the fact that I was noticing his presence. He became quite pissed off at my visual invasion.


He started making all kinds of disturbing facial expressions in my direction. I politely ignored his angry body motions. My eyes completely distanced my presence giving him back his perceived privacy. It was too late. He abruptly asked the waitress for the check. I know he disliked my sharp poke that shattered his surrounding glass globe. The courtroom in his head found me guilty for trespassing.

This guy needed companionship to raise his quality of life quotient bar. It is as simple as joining a group, having a pet or getting a friend for support. Socialization rather than self-stimulation leads to a healthier mind and body.

Even if we have companions, we still may be missing something entirely invisible to our eyes. Bacteria, living on and inside our body should be our closest friends. Over 90% of the cells that compose the human body are not our own. They are renting space and paying out by improving our health.

We need beneficial bugs to stimulate our systems to work properly. This whole realm of therapy is called probiotics. It gives us back things we shouldn’t have lost in the first place. So antibiotics, protein pump inhibitors, chemotherapeutic agents, etc. kills off the valuable synergistic relationship we have with our beneficial bacteria.

Wonder-Bread-package-with-bread-classic design-wonder-why-they-called-it-bread

Wonder How They Called It Bread

Society regresses every time it progresses. Think about what we did to bread in the early 40’s. We got whole wheat flour that was filled with fiber, B-complex vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and selenium. Since it spoils faster in whole grain form, corporate clowns started discarding the bran and germ leaving the inner endosperm. This remainder is bleached so we can achieve that “white” bread. Most of the nutrients of the whole grain have been removed in the process. Before the concoction is baked, some B-complex vitamins, iron and sometimes fiber and protein is added back to the dough. There you have it!  With processed bread and other processed products, not only do we suffer, but the bacteria inside of us change for the worse. They need good nutrition to prosper.

We do everything we can to destroy our bacteria relationship without realizing the importance of their friendship. All the different medications, processed foods, smoking and even alcohol kill off our populations of beneficial flora. But there is a solution. That would be fermented products that contain active cultures and included would be the probiotic items.

Bacteria in our body help us digest our food and give us nutrients in the process. They increase the production of serotonin in the brain which positively impacts mood. These microbes crowd out any bad bacteria therefore preventing infections from developing throughout the human system. Beneficial bugs also enable us to maintain a healthy tube or GI (gastrointestinal tract). This mouth to anus highway is lined with organisms promoting quality of life which lessens the chance for disease. Research has shown that helpful bacteria may lower blood pressure and decrease cholesterol levels.


Increase Your Chances For A Heathier And Longer Life By:

  • Consuming yogurt with active cultures at least once daily. My choice is Stonyfield which contains six different live bacterial species.
  • Can’t stomach yogurt, then try miso, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi or chutney.
  • Ok, if you can’t deal with the two selections above then opt for a probiotic supplement.
  • On immunosuppressive medication(s), first consult with your health care professional before dosing with bacterial products.
  • Lay off the antibacterial hand gel/soap containing triclorsan. Some toothpastes contain this ingredient. Kills off our good flora.
  • Join a group of people with a similar interests. Google groups. You will come up with a bunch of crazies like yourself. 🙂
  • Get a pet.
  • Join the Happsters! Their lifeline link is found below:

The Happsters Spread Optimism And Love Everywhere!

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