Trust Is A Quality That Great Relationships Are Built On

couple-having-disagreement-When you lose trust, the crumbling foundation of a relationship is what’s left to try to piece together. The problem is the memory of that loss continues to reside in the mind(s) of the parties. It’s very easy to say your sorry. Words are only words and nothing more. No matter how sincere the apology, proving yourself with actions are the real deal. I don’t mean flowers, candy, jewelry, etc. Tangible garbage is just as worthless as mouth forming the “right words” to say in a certain circumstance.

So you can forgive but will you forget. No matter how you try to bury the situation, what lies deep in your mind makes you question the present. Is this just a repeat of the past? Tarnished memories become like a scar that slowly fades over the years with chronic acts of kindness and love. Completely lost from view with no reminder left to ponder the past insult.


With new relationships, you have to move forward. Airing out the memory cobwebs in your mind. A whole new canvas where you paint a beautiful future together.

Humans make mistakes for many reasons. There are two sides to every story and the “real truth” resides somewhere in between opposing viewpoints. We can look at the difficulties in marriages, employer-associate relationships,  associate-associate disagreements and blood kin feuds. Everyone has problems but the “special people” not only work them out but form stronger relationships.

The question you must answer is what part did you play in making the relationship turn sour? Find the answer and make yourself a better person when you commit to the solution. Can’t figure it out on your own? Get external help for a different perspective on the issues in question.

Love is the answer but you need to continue to both work hard to keep it the reason for being together.


Photo credit: Ed Yourdon / Foter / CC BY-SA

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Photo credit: Swedish National Heritage Board / Foter

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