Nanotechnology, What You Can’t See Can Blow Your Mind!

Renovating-Your-Mind-nanotechnology-science-of-the -very-small-thingsRenovating Your Mind was shocked to know that manufacturers are using nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the manufacturing of products that operate on the atomic or molecular scale.

This technology, deals with sizes of one nanometer (nm) or less. Our DNA has a diameter of 2 nm.

Our eyes can only see down to the diameter of a human hair, which averages about 100,000 nm.

A baseball bat is the size of 1 meter. 1 nanometer is 1/1,000,000,000 (a billionth) of a meter. A scale comparison is comparing the entire earth to a marble.


Do you know that some external OTC (over the counter) pain medications use nanotechnology?

Research has combined nanotechnology with a timed-released lotion. It starts working in less than 30 minutes and relieves pain for up to 6 hours. This product contains red pepper extract (capsaicin) that blocks a pain initiating chemical called substance-P. Other ingredients are omega fatty acids (antioxidants) to help create a cooling, soothing product. DO NOT purchase the aerosol product. We do not know the implications of getting nano-particles into your lungs. The product is called My Omega™. Listed below is the link for more information.

Information On External Nano Product For Pain

girl-bikini-on-back-happy-face-made-of suntan-lotion

Some suntan lotions also use nano-particles to block the rays of the sun. Like a mirror they reflect both UV-A and UV-B to prevent skin damage.

You will see the ingredients labeled as zinc oxide and also titanium dioxide. Go for zinc oxide, it works better. DO NOT purchase non-nano products. They do not work as well. There is no risk that we currently believe of nano-zinc oxide or titanium dioxide getting absorbed into your body.

DO NOT use powder or spray sunscreens! Damage from inhalation of these particles is unknown. It could be a possible cancer causing agent but only when inhaled.

For the best sunscreens to protect exposed skin from UV-A and UV-B please see the link below for non-biased excellent information. I love these guys. If you can donate to their cause, do it! It’s a worthwhile organization that blows away the FDA for current information on best sun protection products.

Best Suntan Lotions-Choices Not Influenced By Product Manufacturers

The Future of Nanotechnology:


  • Involves “cloaking”, just like Harry Potter’s “Cloak of Invisibility. The ability to bend light rays around an object. It would make the object seem from your visual senses to be invisible.
  • Car bodies whose surface self repairs. Just minor intrusions to the paint like surface scratches. Nano particles near the paints surface would rupture sealing and filling the scratch with paint.


  • Windshields that deflect both dirt and water. You always have a clean windshield no matter what happens in the exterior world.

We are the innovators of nanotechnology. Our bodies are made, maintained and repaired through nano methods. Think of a cut on our skin and how it proceeds to a scab and then just disappears. Unless you have a scar to jar your memory in the future, you will forget it ever happened. If the damage is in the fingerprint area, your body will replace the missing part of that print during the healing process.

Our human internal nanotechnology is the ultimate science project that continues working for 7-10 decades or more. Each and every one of us are miracles in the making on every single day of our lives. Fascinating stuff!


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